10 Halloween Cookie Recipes for a Spooktastic Time!

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Be fun and funky this Halloween by baking up some spook-tastic treats with these Halloween Cookie Recipes!  I’ve collected 10 of the cutest Halloween cookie ideas to share today. Pick a fun cookie to make for your friends, family and co-workers and enjoy this festive day!

halloween cookies

Maybe you’re not into Halloween, but I don’t believe it because here  you are reading about these Halloween Cookie Recipes! If you like to bake, or want to like to bake, these cookies are your friend! 

I have to admit, I’ll take a cookie over any other dessert any lovely day.  There’s not a cookie I’ve met that I don’t like.  Give them all to me.

When I was little, guess who my favorite Sesame Street Character was? haha.  Cookie Monster.

I’m pretty sure I gave that one away already. Nom. Nom. Nom. Give me all the cookies. 

You have questions about halloween cookies? Ok.

Can I make all these cookies?

Yes. Yes, you can. No one will hate you for it.  Everyone will love you.  Adore you. Treat you like you’re amazing. (which, by the way, you are.)

Can I eat all these Halloween cookies?

Haha.  You can if you want. I won’t judge.

Are these cookies for Halloween hard to make?

Some are easier than others.  The Oreo ghosts and spider cookies are probably the easiest.  No bake cookies always are!  Just try them out and see.  

Have no fear.  Be bold.

Can I serve these cookies to people that are gluten free?

Check the ingredients.  If they are made with flour, substitute Gluten Free Flour and you should be good to go.  

Oreo cookies, however, are full of gluten. But you can buy some GF chocolate cookies and use those!

Now let’s get to the Halloween cookies, yo.

10 Halloween Cookie Recipes

I hope you found some great inspiration in these 10 Halloween cookie ideas!  Which one is your fav? Let me know down in the comments below!



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halloween cookies collagehalloween cookies collage


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