How to Make a Heart Wreath Form

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How to Make a Heart Wreath Form: It's super duper easy...and super duper cheap!Are you ready to make the cheapest heart wreath form ever?

All you need is a wire coat hanger and some grey insulation tubing.

Oh, and some hot glue.

I used the kind of insulation that has the self-adhesive kind so it’s super easy to seal shut.

I’m all over super easy and super cheap like a hormonal woman in a room of triple chocolate treats!

Speaking of chocolate treats did you see my features from Creativity Unleashed this morning?  MMmmmm…. Chocolate.

Ok. Back on topic… here’s how to make a heart wreath form!

make heart wreath form-3

Unwind the hook thingy and then make a circle with your hanger.

I say “thingy” all the time, so I figure I might as well use it here, right? It’s very descriptive and applies in so very many situations…haha.

Next, tape the two ends together with some super strong tape.

make heart wreath form-2


Then bend it into a heart as best you can.

make heart wreath form-3

Next, take the end of your insulation and make a cut on a diagonal.

This will be the top point of the heart.

make heart wreath form-4

make heart wreath form-5

Next, open the insulation and start wrapping is around the heart.

Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly together.  When we take off the plastic covering the adhesive, we’ll be able to get it aligned better.

When you get to the bottom point, cut on a diagonal as shown below.

make heart wreath form-6


Then repeat for the other side of the heart.

When you get both sides covered in the insulation, gently pull off the plastic covering the form and carefully press the tubing together.

Press as you go so it doesn’t get stuck on itself in the wrong places.

make heart wreath form-7


Finally, hot glue the two meeting points together… just use it on low heat or you’ll totally melt the insulation.

And hold it together until the glue dries.

You might want to stick on an episode of Walking Dead or the Muppets  so you’re not totally bored while the glue sets…

make heart wreath form-9That’s it!  You’re all done!

make heart wreath form-8

Now all you need to do to make the wreath is take the 4,702 flowers you made and start sticking them around the wreath form.

It’s not hard at all.

make heart wreath form-10

And pretty soon, you’ll have the most GORGEOUS Valentine’s Wreath ever!

heart wreath

I’m getting my mantle all ready, so stay tuned!


Pin me for later, says the super easy and super cheap heart wreath form…

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  1. Pretty sure you were joking about the 4,702 flowers. Were you?? But really how many individual flowers did you end up making?

    1. Oh, no. I was totally joking! I didn’t count my flowers, unfortunately, but there were quite a few!

  2. Omg…so easy peasy. I’m absolutely in love with this. I actually bought the wrong size coffee filters (4 to 8 cup), which I would do like once a year. Will these work as well? I’m actually thinking of ways to use your idea for Mardi grad, st. Patrick’s day, Easter, etc… I think you may have created a monster.. Bahahahaha.

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