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Nothing like some good ole JUNK, I say!

And what could be better than swapping junk…

And then making something fun out of it?

Welcome to the first ever Jingle Bell Junk Swap.  I teamed up with some amazing bloggers and that’s just what we did!

Swap some junk and make some groovy stuff…

I must have drawn the lucky straw because Andi from Jane of All Crafts sent me this…

Vintage Item Before

Isn’t it neato-schmeato???

What is it you ask? Ummm… Take a guess! And then tell me what you think it is down in the comments below…

Now, what to do… what to do!

I have junk everywhere… even out in the driveway… Yes, I’ve started to duck and run to my car… sorry, neighbors!!!


So a little piece of it… appropriate, me thinks, for a venture called a Junk Swap.

Pallet Scrap

I didn’t realize all I had was Primer until I snapped this photo… Oh, well…

Spray Paint

Used it anyway!

Spray Paint Scrap of Wood

Inspired by Cassie’s fence post poles, I decided I needed some glittery stripes in my Winter Wonderland this year.

To do this, I taped up the entire piece at a diagonal…

Tape up the Scrap at a Diagonal

Then unpeeled the alternating stripes…

Remove tape from Wood

This gives even, no-need-to-spend-years-of-my-life-measuring, stripes which you can then GLITTER out the WAZOO….

Glitter the Wood Scrap

Which, as you can see, I proceed to do…

Red and Pink don’t work, so, much to even my dismay, I glittered over the little bead at the top of my item…

Glittered Vintage Item

Yes, I cried a little…

Then, after I hung the item with a screw and some hot glue as back up, I didn’t have clue what to do to cover that ugly screw…

Here’s what I came up with after gnashing my teeth for a while…


Lime Green embroidery thread and a white button.

Button Up Close

I’ll know and you’ll know, but nobody else needs to know what’s behind the button, eh?

Jingle Bell Junk Swap Candy Dish

So, life’s a little sweeter now… and little bolder here at this here abode.

Candy Dish

And now, no one has any excuse for bad breath, right?

Be sure and check out all the fun stuff by my compatriots in our Junk Swap.  You can find them right below…

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Pop over to Vintage Drama and see what I sent her!  Hmm… wonder what she made with it?  But she hit a teensy snag, so hopefully, her post will be up later today… so check back!

Junk is good…

Friends are better!!!

P.S.  Yup. That’s my crazy Mud-Room…  I’ve been agonizing over it for MONTHS… just ask any of those bloggers up there.  MONTHS.  I’m still hating that dark teal color and I want to paint over it.  But that means painting. Ha!  I just finished painting the stripes in my Master and I can’t do it.  Maybe after the new year when I’m feeling all “new” and “energetic” to make positive ch-ch-changes…


HolidayI Heart Nap Time

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO cool Gwen!!! I love it! With a candy dish that pretty who wouldn’t want minty fresh breath! 😉 Thanks for all your hard work in this it has been a blast!

    1. Thanks, Andi! This was the neatest item ever! Thank you so much for sending it and being a part of our awesome Junk Swap!!! Rock on!

    1. Thanks Mary Beth! Hey, are you still interested in contributing a recipe to our pdf ebook?

    1. Yay! Here you are!

      Thank you my friend… you know I am never too busy to return your emails! Hunt me down if you don’t hear from me again like this!

      Thank you so much… I love glitter…

  2. OK…. I have no idea what that is, never seen one, but it’s awesome. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on it you would make something cool and ‘ya did. Sleigh rides and Christmas carols are much better with fresh breath.

    (paint party next? I soooooo have some I’m avoiding as well)

    1. Hahaha… anything is much better with fresh breath, I say!

      Paint party? Sound like a plan to me!

      1. OK. I’ll be honest… I have no clue! I was hoping someone would enlighten me!!! Hahaha!

  3. That is adorable! I’m really in to non-traditional colors this year, so I’ve been trying to mix in some of the more random pieces I’ve inherited. You gals have totally inspired me to raid my junk stash and create something maaaggicaaaaal (did you hear Will Farrell say that? Cause I did!).

    1. Thank you, Julie! Non-traditional all the way over here! I’m ditching all the red and green and going with pinks and limes and black and white!

      LOVE Elf. Must watch again!

  4. Very clever! But………what WAS it???????? I have no clue. Unless it’s something you cook in….like poached eggs….or fried something. sheesh. Do hope you tell us! Oh, and I love what you sent to Vintage Drama!

    1. Hahaha… I was hoping you would tell me! I have NO clue!

      I want to order some of those spools for myself… it was hard to send them to her!

  5. Very clever! If you have a Muppet tree, you’d better watch out for a few of those characters!

    1. Thanks, girl! The muppet tree is sadly sad. The lights aren’t working and I’m so busy, I can’t get to the store to buy some more. Brendan is begging me to decorate it! Tomorrow… tomorrow!!!

  6. I think you one upped Cassie by doing the stripes in pink glitter! I sure am curious what that thing was originally!

    1. Me? On up Cassie? I feel faint!!!

      Thank you, Sarah! I love yours too! I haven’t a clue what it is! Dang… nobody seems to know!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! This was probably about the most fun I’ve had blogging ever. I really love the item Andi sent me!

  7. Oh My hell… “take a mint” why alrighty then! Love what you did with this bad junk! Oh YEAH!

  8. That is too cute and your post is hilarious…my neighbors think I’m wacko with all the weird stuff they see me spray painting outside! Love the glitter stripes!

    1. Ha! It’s the same over here… My neighbors think I’m a total nut-case!

      Except, now I’m seeing them out there doing it more, too… so maybe the crazies are contagious!

      Thanks so much, Jenna! You’re too sweet!

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