Under the Bed Storage Drawers are Awesome.

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Repurposed-Drawers-as-Under-Bed-Storage_thumbFor years, Morgan and I rented.  I simply cannot tell you how many different houses we lived in before we settled down here in VA.

{Yes I can. It was 14. Four-Teen.  Ten plus Four.}

Ten (or so) years ago, when we were in Richmond, we lived in this old, broken down farmhouse on Seminary property.  It was the original house on the land and it was O.L.D.

Westwood house

It was so old, the mice had little white beards and walked around with little walking sticks and canes saying things like,

“Tut, tut, it looks like rain…”

And there were NO closets… none.  Well, actually, I take that back.  There was one little closet in Morgan’s room. And when I say little, I mean, leeeeeeetle…

But, we loved living in this house, sans storage and all…

Fall at the Westwood House

Because it oozed character.  Just like us…

Silly Morgan

And my dreams of our own home sustained me through the mice and broken tiles and lack of storage and washing machines in the kitchen…

Dreams of walk-in attics and pantries and linen closets galore!

But alas, dreams are just that…dreams.

And, as with life, there is always give and take.

And if I’ve learned anything with my time here on this lump of dirt, I’ve learned that if you don’t have it now, make it..

Create it.

And so, here we are, with a lovely home, and yes…

Not enough storage.

So, little by little, I’m making it when and where I can by finding something unloved, but inherently beautiful… 


Find some vintage drawers

And ignoring the grody…

Ignore the nastiness

And teaching life-lessons in the process…

Make them work

By making them work for it.

Sand and paint drawers

Stabilize your drawer storage with some fiberboard or plywood.  Screw it to the bottom of the drawers, but use some glue because it’s the thing to do…

Glue Board to Drawers

Screw on some plain ole casters from Home Depot.

Screw on Casters

And pretty soon, you’ll have some pretty neat rolling storage….

Screw Drawers to Board and add Casters

Go a step further, and add some pizazz…

tape off the stripes

Stripes are easy to do and fun to look at…

Under Bed Drawer Storage

If you have an extra year of life, you can mod-podge some hilarious book pages to your drawers.

Just make sure you have some sustenance and bring your patience…

Repurposed Drawers as Under Bed Storage

Gallons of it.

But it’s pretty worth it, I think… in the end.

Funny thing is, Morgan still hasn’t put anything in those drawers.  Shocking, really, since there were plenty of stray Legos under there when I brought it up and put it under his bed.

Maybe it’s less junk we need and not more storage. I’ll have to chew on that one for a while.

Jacque had the same idea for her Rolling Storage from Up-cycled Wine Crates.  Great minds think alike!

How about you?

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  1. I think that turned out so great! Love that it was lined with the newsprint style paper and is on wheels. Gonna have to pin this one, my dear!

    1. Thank you so much, Gina! I’ll have to show those book pages up close… they are from a hilarious book of jokes and puns and the illustrations are so fun!!!

  2. A-MAZ-ING, Gwen! I LOVE it. You are so creative. The drawers look absolutely wonderful! But your descriptive, witty writing is what just takes it over the top! 🙂

  3. Love your creation! It’s a great idea that looks so much better than the plastic things I have for under the bed storage. Why don’t newer houses have any storage? People actually have more stuff now!

  4. Cute idea Gwen! Maybe he hasn’t put anything in them because he hasn’t finished reading the pages 🙂

  5. OK, the project is pretty great on it’s own, but it’s the post that I loved the most! You’re fun. And smart. 🙂

  6. Love it! My boys could use the same type of storage but I think at this age they’d be trying to roll themselves around in them 🙂 This is definitely a future project for us.

  7. this is fantastic!!! I love something that rolls. I want everything to roll. In this little character-filled-non-storage house we live in….we need rolling-under-the-bed drawers. Make me some and come visit! 😉

    1. Thank you, Lucy! Rolling is s’awesome! And boy, do I wish I could visit that Hansel and Gretel house of yours!!!

  8. Such a great idea AND it looks so cute – you don’t need a bed skirt. How fun that you get your kids to help you. Mine will NOT.

    1. Thank you, Mellissa! I keep going back to the Re-store in hopes of finding more drawers like this, but no such luck yet!

    1. Haha! I have my stuff crammed into what should be our (sort-of) walk-in pantry! What else is a girl supposed to do?

  9. I’m totally with you on the renting – we did so for so very long too and we also had one of those houses where the mice walking around in beards whispering. 😉 I love love love this project and have been wanting to do it forever – did you find a good deal on the casters? That is my biggest hangup the $$$ of those!

    1. Hahaha!

      I just bought the cheapest ones I could find at Home Depot. They were around $3/ea. So that’s not tooo bad… I guess!

      1. Harbor Freight sells all sizes of casters. Lots of other fun stuff too. A neighbor had left some large all wood drawers with a free tag, I snagged all four. Three have made it as under bed storage, only two with wheels though. Big enough for wrapping paper and supplies.

  10. You’re one smart storage cookie and that little red head mop top is too freaking cute!


    1. Oh, thank you, Bliss! He’s such a sweetie, too… most of the time. But we all have our days, don’t we?

  11. Don’t I know it! We had friends the first day we moved into our house ask outloud why we bought the place. 10 years on and we’re thrilled with every inch of the place.

    1. There is always give and take, isn’t there? We were going to build a house in Georgia before Morgan changed jobs, and girl! Those plans had broom closets and linen closets and closets for the closets!!!

      Oh, well… maybe someday!

  12. That house is amazing – I’d love to live there even without storage!

    Love your drawers … uh, that doesn’t sound right!

    1. It was amazing, Kelly. I have such fond memories of that time in our lives, mice and all!

      My drawers are flattered!

  13. Hey Gwen! that old house does have some character! My hubby grew up in an old house with two little closets. Great idea on the drawers. I have one full size bed this would work with, but the others are kings and queens that have the middle section supports.

  14. Wonderful project. I’ll be on the look out for stray drawers (from a bureau!) to repurpose. But I was really hoping for a picture of those mice with beards and canes 🙂

  15. You remind me of when I not only had not enough storage but no outlet in my bathroom and had to sit on the floor of my bedroom (near the 1 outlet in there) to blow dry my hair. This was pre-kids, since what I wouldn’t give now for time to blow dry my hair, who cares if it was sitting on the floor?

    I’m trying to curtail our “stuff” obsession, but not matter how much I try, we just keep getting more!

  16. So I ran across your blog via Pinterest (looking for drawer ideas) and I wanted to just say how cute your story is and I love the results! Also, I just moved from RVA in August to Louisville, KY. I was born and raised in the Bellvue area of RVA and just LOVE that side of town. I totally know what you mean about the closets, but your house seems lovely! I’m going to poke around your blog now… 🙂

  17. Great idea! Loving the stripes and I think I may try this as a coffee table as it has a little more character than pallets.

  18. I enjoyed this post immensely for the content (as i repurpose stuff as well) but more for your easy and freakin funny delivery. You made my hum drum day seem less dull. Thanks mate! Kath

  19. I put extra shelves in ALL my closets of the home we had built. It just didn’t have a lot of storage. I also took the dressers out of our rooms and added drawers into the closets. It made a huge difference in our storage capacity. I custom made shelving for shoes, storage of clothes and extra bathroom items such as toilet paper, tissues, shower gels, lotions etc. It is not hard to do and soooo worth it.

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