Puppy Command Center

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Hi guys!  I’m sharing this post that I wrote a while ago.  I have to say that it’s bittersweet because we lost our puppy, HotShot, about 3 weeks ago.  He was actually not a puppy, but 12 1/2 years old.  His joints were trashed and he hurt his one good leg which left him unable to walk.  😭 😭 😭

If you’ve been through this kind of loss, you know how hard it is!  I’m doing better now, but I cried non-stop for about three days.

But I love this project. It’s still hanging in our foyer, and I wanted to share it with you.

I’ve had this cute little command center for about 10 years, and, slowly, all of HotShot’s accoutrements just took it over.  And, when I went to do some work on the Mud Room, I noticed how dingy and dirty it had become.  It was time for a make-over of the Bold persuasion!

Make your own Puppy Command Center and get all things puppy organized! Have all your treats, leashes and poop bags right at your fingertips!

I grabbed my stash of Satin Enamels and painted it so it was a bright, beautiful white.  I’m so into white right now. It’s clean and bold in its own way!

puppy command center-2

What you need:

I had my command center already, but here is one on Amazon that would work perfectly!

puppy command center

I started by sanding and cleaning it before I used a small brush to go around the hardware.

puppy command center-3

puppy command center-4

I made sure to tape off the chalkboard area with painters tape and gave the command center four good coats of Pure White.

puppy command center-5

Next, I grabbed the Gold to paint the hardware and make it bling for days.

puppy command center-6

If you are painting anything with the gold, be sure to do a white prime coat first. The Gold can be a bit thin to start, but just keep going over it until you get that gorgeous solid gold-foil look.  It’s so pretty and worth the extra effort!

Once it dried, I hung the new and improved Puppy Command Center in the entryway and added all of HotShot’s favorite treats.

Here he is.  Wasn’t he just the sweetest!

home decorating budget-4

It made it so much easier to find everything and take this sweet, crazy puppy dog out to do his business. It really was a big help to us.

puppy command center-8

puppy command center-7

What do you think?  Is it a command center worthy of such a cute mongrel?

Gosh I miss his guts.



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  1. Hi Gwen

    My condolences on your puppy, I know very much how you feel. My wife and I lost one of our precious kitties last year, it still hurts. It’s important to always remember the good times you had together, and I know in my heart we will all meet again. As usual, your make-over is brilliant! Love the gold!


    1. Thank you so much, Garrett. It is SO hard, but I’m imagining him romping over the grass covered hills in heaven.



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