DIY Farmhouse Table – with tips from Grandy

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Oh, my gosh, y’all.  I’m so excited to share this post with you!

It’s not a detailed tutorial or anything, but it’s a blogging debut for my dad.  MY DAD, Y’ALL!  Here I am with my mom and dad just afew weeks ago when I took a spontaneous trip to visit them a couple of weeks ago:

mom dad and me

That’s Grandy and MeMaw.  Aren’t they so sweet?

And just look at this DIY Farmhouse Table he built. You’re gobsmacked, right?

Make your own diy farmhouse table with these awesome plans.  My dad, aka "Grandy", made this table in just a few days and it's gorgeous!

My dad, aka “Grandy”, built this table for my equally talented niece, Laura. Laura is in interior design school and is going to be wildly successful… I just know it!

Like I said, this isn’t a detailed tutorial, but you can find the plans and instructions here at Ana White, but Grandy has some tips for you.

Grandy’s Tips

Two or three things that might be helpful when building the table. I used biscuits when joining the table top boards together. This helps line up the boards so they are perfectly matched.

I will have to transport the table, so I built it so I could take it apart into 4 pieces. I used pocket screws in most places which are easily backed out when you want to take it apart.

Also you can see that I tacked a couple of supports on the cross members so they would be stable and easy to transport.

diy farmhouse table-9

Here’s the table before Grandy stained it.  Already so pretty!

diy farmhouse table

I hope to show it all styled out when my niece gets her hands on it.  I’ll keep you guys updated!

Here’s some more diy farmhouse table eye candy.

diy farmhouse table-2

diy farmhouse table-3

diy farmhouse table-4

diy farmhouse table-6

diy farmhouse table-7

diy farmhouse table-8

Be still my farmhouse-table-loving-heart!

If you live in the West TN, North MS or AR area, you can email Grandy {Dick Stanton} at cstanton185@gmail{dot}com and inquire about a custom made table for your home!

Grandy made the table that’s in my dining room, too.  I LOVE it!

I just wish I could get him to move up here and blog with me.  I’ll have to sharpen my persuasion skills a bit more! haha!

Thank you, Grandy for sharing your love of DIY with me.  This blog wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for your encouragement and support through the years.  I love you more than words could ever say.

Do you guys have a Grandy in your life?  Tell me about him down in the comments below!

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  1. Now THAT’S a table! 🙂 Chris is totally the “Grandy” of our family even though he’s still just “dada”-aged.

    1. You are SO lucky! I have a very smart guy, but he’s not woodworker. I’ve made peace with it. haha.

  2. I am the Grandy in my family. I have a beautiful seven year old granddaughter who calls me Grandy and it is the greatest sound in the world. I love being Grandy!

  3. I live in West TN and have emailed them about making me one. I live it. It is beautiful!

    1. Awesome, Rachel!!! I’ll check with my dad to make sure he got your email!

  4. What kinds of wood were used here?

    Love the variation in color, beautiful 🙂

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      I’m not sure what wood my dad used, but I will ask him!


  5. What a beautiful table! Where do the pieces come apart? (I’m wondering if the tabletop itself comes apart for transport, since it looks quite big!)

    1. Yes, I do think it does come apart, Madeline! If I remember correctly, the top comes off of the base.

      Thanks so much,


    1. I know he used a vinegar stain that he made himself, but i’m not sure about the sealer. Probably a polyurethane satin or gloss.



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