Reclaimed Columns Buffet

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I have a favorite child. All we parents do. We try to deny it, but deep down inside we just can’t. Fortunately we hide it really, really well, because I’d so hate for my sweet, little Porch Swing to feel inferior. Haha.

But really, this little buffet means the world to me…

It started out like this:

And found it’s way to this:

And finally…


Underneath is a giant puzzle…

And it was wobbly, my bleeps…

But all those years that one semester of college level physics actually came in handy…and she stands yet…

But sometimes it’s the little things that make you smile…

Cheep. Cheep.

I could have gone out and taken some updated photos…

To introduce you to the family of spiders that have joined us…

But, I’ll spare you.  And anyway, I’m just too busy scratching my mosquito bites.

Isn’t summer wonderful?

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  1. Here’s to physics – let’s hope a gust of wind doesn’t topple that beauty! Love that colorful glassware (was it cheep, cheep)?!

    1. Oh, thank you, Cassie!

      Miss you, too! I’m trying to get it all together… ugh!

  2. Hey Gwen,
    I was wondering how you were since the storm. Sitting around for weeks is what summer is all about! The mosquitoes are horrible with all the rain- we had a river behind our house last week. The sun is finally out. Hope yours is, too!
    Love your side porch.
    Here’s to being lazy!
    xo, T.

    1. I am definetly sitting around… at my desk! I wish I were sitting outside, drinking wine and relaxing! I’m taking off next week, so I’m really looking forward to a break!!!

      How are you girl???

  3. Sometimes, it take a bit to get back in the game!
    Plus… it’s SUMMER 🙂

    That is one BOLD project. I like it!!

    Oh, so they love you to huh? I hate those little suckers, but they love me 🙁

  4. I have never seen this. Love that green and those colored glasses are the bomb!

    1. Thanks, girl! Had to pull something out of the cracks… I still love those glasses… even after 15 years, I buy them all over again!

  5. I love your bold table…especially the chartreuse-y brackets and top (I like to just drop that word casually into conversation…because I can.I’s even better when it’s actually applicable!) Thanks for NOT featuring the spiders. They make me scream and it would scare Martha Stewart (who is sleeping peacefully under my desk). Ah name dropping… xo, Kimberly

    P.S. I’m real sorry about the mosquitoes. Come to Illinois. The drought is so bad that I think that all of ours have shriveled up and died. #nosorrow-notonebit

    1. Thank you , my frriend! The spiders can stay hidden. UGH. But they don’t…they are EVERYWHERE!!!

  6. Love the combo of classic columns, corbels and urns with the fun colors and accessories. My hubby would so love the underside of the table top … he always uses bolts and braces when I manage to get him to build me things. Your narrow table has me thinking that I really should do something like that on our porch, but I’m definitely waiting until its less than 108 out there. I don’t think fall can come soon enough!

    1. Thank you, Robin! I really love having this table… And I’m staying inside where it’s cool!!!

  7. You are right…I have not seen this post and loved it. Our power was out for 7 days and if felt like 7 years. I am still catching up so I can totally relate. Summer is flying by…enjoy your family. Blogland can wait.

  8. Gwen, you know I love your blog!! I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award – please go to my site to check out the rules / guidelines.

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