10 Painted Doormat Ideas that You Can Make for Summer!

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In this post: If you like to have fun with your decor, a DIY painted doormat is a great way to make your porch happy! In this post you’ll find out how to paint your own door mat and 10 fun painted doormat ideas to inspire you.

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Painting a doormat is super easy and you don’t even really need all that much for this DIY. Plus you can make any design or saying that you want! But isn’t that why making your own stuff so awesome? Because you can do whatever you like!

How to Paint a Doormat

Painting a doormat is incredibly simple.

What you need:


  1. Create a template of your chosen design.  You can use Google Docs or find a template on the web.
  2. Cut out your letters to create a stencil.
  3. Use a black sharpie to trace the design.
  4. Remove the template and paint!

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You can see a more in depth DIY Painted Doormat tutorial over at A Girl and Her Glue Gun!

Fun Saying Ideas for a Painted Doormat

Choose any saying below and paint your own doormat or, if you would rather just buy it, click the link below to check it out on Amazon.

  1. Don’t Stop, Be Leaving!
  2. We Hope You Brought Wine and Dog Treats!
  3. Hey There! Take Care!
  4. Hello, Sunshine! (with a painted sun)
  5. Just So You Know There’s Like A Lot Of Kids In Here
  6. Definitely Not A Trap Door
  7. Baby Sleeping Be Quiet or Babysit 
  8. No Need to Knock We Have Dogs, We Know You’re 
  9. What Up Succa? (with cute painted succulents)
  10. Beware of Husband, Kids are Also Shady, Wife is Cool!

Right now, I just have a plain boring welcome mat, so I think it might be time to make something a little more fun and quirky!

Which one is your favorite?

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