How to Make Your Own Printables in Google Drawings

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Google Docs is the best. Do you use them?  Spreadsheets?  But do you know about Google Drawings?Do you know how to make your own printables? If you use Google Drive, you can! Here is how to make your own printables in Google Drawings.

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Y’all.  Google Drawings is like the free Microsoft Publisher… sort of.  I usually make my printables in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, but I know those plans might not be for the occasional printable maker, so I wanted to share how to make your own printables in Google Drawings.  It really is very simple.

Making your own printables will not only save you money on wall art, it will give you the freedom to create something very personal and meaningful.

In this video, we are going to make this very simple inspirational printable, “Yes, you can!”.  I’m big on affirmations and keeping a positive mind-set, so a lot of my printables are inspirational in nature.

Watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is to make your own printables in Google Drawings!

The possibilities are really endless.  You could make your own birthday cards, notecards, wall art… anything that you could think of that needs printing.  It’s so much fun knowing how to make your own printables in Google Drawings.  You can keep a list of your favorite quotes and become a printable making fiend.

The best part of Google Drawings, as opposed to other image based programs like Picmonkey, is that you can download your design as a pdf or an image.

But even better? Once you design your printable or card, you can save it in Google Drive and change it, tweak it or update.  I find that I often need to go back and move things around a bit after I print it.  Having the ability to print, then go back and revise your printable is huge!

I love Google Drive and use it all the time for a myriad of things.  It’s the best of the best!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Click this link to download the “Yes, you can!” printable I made in this video!

Yes, you can!

Are you a fan of Google Drive?



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  1. Thanks so much. I love learning new things to do on the computer. Can’t wait to try this.

  2. Thank you so much for this. Trying it out right away!! And I would also like to thank you for ALL the Gold on here and your support of St.Judes. Our 14 month old grandson passed away from Cancer in 2013, And it’s thanks to wonderful people like you that help spread awareness.#Gogold support childhood cancer awareness. Thank you again?

    1. Oh, you are so welcome, Erin! St. Jude has a very special place in my heart. A dear friend’s son died from Leukemia when I was a child and my heart aches for those children!



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