DIY Outdoor Table Makeover

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Whew!  I’ve got a freakishly long to do list for my porch this summer.  Our swing fell and we still have to put it back up.  I’m honestly thinking of just getting some post legs and making it a bench just to be sure we don’t end up slamming our tushies back on the concrete again!

I’m slowly changing things up, and when I took the photos for this post, I knew I needed to work a little Harry Potter on this side table.  My dad made it for me, and I hope he isn’t writhing with anger that I painted it.  We don’t quite agree on the wood grain thing all the time.  Granted, I have several pieces of wood furniture in my home that will never see a coat of paint, but I do love painted furniture.  Don’t you?


This post is sponsored by DecoArt.  Thanks guys!

Here’s the little table before I painted it.  It had a very strong sealant on it, so I had to de-gloss it a few times.

diy flower pot crate-15

Read this post to see how it’s done.

diy white table gold accents-2

I pulled from my stash of Americana Decor Outdoor Living paint since this was taking up residence on the front porch.

I used Picket Fence, Gold and True Teal. The teal is actually from the Satin Enamels line.  

diy white table gold accents

First, I gave the entire table 4 coats of white.  I tried using a regular paint brush, but I found using a sponge left a much smoother coat with relatively no visible brush strokes.

diy white table gold accents-4

It was a very dark base, so it really needed all of those coats.

diy white table gold accents-3

diy white table gold accents-5

Then I added the teal accent color on the edges of the top and the bottom.

diy white table gold accents-6

I couldn’t let this project go without a little gold, so I added a few accents on the buttons and tops of the legs.

diy white table gold accents-7

I keep hearing Raspberry Beret in my head. Something about this screams 1980’s to me.

diy white table gold accents-9

How much do you love the OK vase?  My bestie, Lynn, bought that for me when she came to visit.  That girl must love me something fierce to drive 10 hours to see me.  We were able to take a night and go see our other college bestie, Shirley, before she runs off to the great State of Maine.  I hear they get a little snow in the winter.

diy white table gold accents-8

Thanks so much to DecoArt for partnering with me on this post!  I love the Outdoor living paint.  It’s fantastic!

One of these days, I’ll get the swing painted and hung and the door revamped with a pretty teal to match the little table.  My goal is to get it done before we have to start squirreling away nuts for winter, yo.



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