Are you taking THE Road?

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In this moment, the moment that it takes for you to read these words that I sit and type here at my plastic, grey speckled, round-on-one-end desk, someone is facing a decision.

Maybe it’s you.

And this decision is going to be drastically life-changing, even though it might seem absolutely insignificant and meaningless.  But it’s not.

Even if it is.

And the path they choose…or you choose… will take to a place that you may have never imagined… never dreamed you would be traveling.

The question is…

Is it THE road?

You know…that one…

The one that’s mossy… the one that wants wear?

Yes, that one. The one less travelled.

Are you?  Taking it, I mean?

Because it just might make all of the difference.


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  1. This is why I adore you, Gwen. Your blog makes me smile every time. In a thrift of words you’ve given me a day’s worth of thinking aboutness. The road less traveled (by me) is calling but then again, there’s a paycheck on this worn out old road I’ve been on a while 🙂

    1. Oh, Helen! I adore you, too!

      It’s so much easier to travel this road when unburdened by financial responsibilities. I’m one of the lucky few… though a few extra dollars would definitely come in handy.

  2. Road? There’s a road around here somewhere? Must’ve missed it back by that big rock in the middle of that field I was in, next to the non-existent signpost…darn it, I’m lost again.

    Honestly Gwen, you have a way with words that is just what I need at the moment, but applies to others and what they need too. It’s a gift, G-Dawg!

    1. Oh, Jill! I often feel as if I were in the middle of a field, too!

      I’m so glad to have you on this journey with me…regardless of which road we are on!

  3. Oh…I’m on it!

    But I’m walking backwards. And the road…it’s dusty. With pointy cacti all around. The further I go, the more dust my feet stir up, and the harder it is to see ahead. But the mystery, of not knowing what’s ahead, at the end of that old dirt road, is inviting.

    And once I get there, if I don’t find what I didn’t know I was looking for…I can use my footprints – the ones left in the dirt – to start a new journey…to the place I left behind.

    1. Ya know… I never thought about travelling with my back towards the sun… I might have to try that one.

      But you know…way leads on to way…

  4. Ok, seriously? Did ya jump in my mind or what? Great post and I have been thinking about this kind of stuff in my own round about way lately, but you skipped the detour and went straight there. I’ll be pondering this all day now…thanks, I think! 🙂

    1. If I did, I hope that I found a soft landing…ha!

      Pondering is good…

  5. I’ve always been an off-roadin’ type of gal. Apparently I like it all bumpy!

  6. Why yes, yes I AM taking THE road…and a few fields, side streets, streams, and oceans as well! I know this with certainty because it’s here, on THE road, that I met you my dear girlfriend and for that, I’m ever thankful….and humbled…but still sassy! xo

    1. Me, too, Kimberly! I’m so thankful that we met!

      Stay sassy! It’s so much fun…

  7. Oh my gosh Gwen!! I have been down so many different roads in life…..not sure where this path I am now travelling is going to end or lead me, but I’m feeling its a good one! I think one thing about being on a certain road or path is, as Frost wrote, to watch where two roads diverge and pick the one less travelled by, the road not taken…. that is where you will be most rewarded as you travel into a new adventure and break ground!

    1. Oh, me, too! Yes, pick the one that is mossy and needs some wear! Break some ground, girl! You can do it!

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