Anything is possible, right?

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And so…

And so, as I sit here…thinking of this moment. This moment that sits in tandem with my life and with the life I yet want to live…

The dreams that I dream and the hope that I hope…And yet, as I think of what is and what is yet to come, I wonder.

I wonder, will you go with me?

Will you grab my hand and put it in yours and raise it above your head like the heavy-weight champion?

Because that time is coming, and, yes, if I want , I can be that dramatic about it…. because drama gives me that warm, fuzzy, excited feeling inside that makes me think anything is possible…

But am I dreaming to think that?


It cannot be…

Can it?

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  1. You've been watching Wonka again, haven't you?
    What shall I pack? 😉

  2. well, I'm in, too, but I bet we won't be packing a bag. I'll bet this has something to do with changing bloggy things or something. I don't have a blog so I don't know or understand the terminology, but I bet that's what it is. Am I right? Do I win a valuable prize?

  3. Ready. got my suitcase and car candy. Always have to have candy for a trip. Don't you?

  4. Girl, your blog is looking awesome! What a fantastic job you did. Makes me smile too with all the pretty colors and fonts you used! Happy Easter!!~

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