Wake up and Touch Joy.

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Live your life.

The truth is you only get one chance.

So, do it. Now.

Don’t choke and don’t wait for it to happen.

Open your eyes.  See the world.  Wake up.

Sing out your song.

Or paint your dreams.

Or dance your freedom.

Just be who you are and stop worrying about what he or she or “they”  might think.

Share your beauty.

It’s right there just waiting for you, this joy.

And it wonders why you haven’t touched it yet….

Happy Birthday, Brendan.  Dream your life and live your dreams…


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  1. Happy Birthday Brendan!

    And as always dear Gwen, a thoughtful and inspiring post!

  2. So sweet! I painted my two older kids fingers and toes this morning, does that count as painting my rainbow (or whatever lovely thing you said up high)?

    Plus I took the risk of painting in rainbow colors, and giving my little fireman pink fingernails, which might get dirty since today’s agenda involves going to my dad’s ranch and playing on the tractor:)


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