How to Make a DIY Notepad {and free planner page printable..cuz we always need to be more organized}

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How to Make DIY Notepad using hot glue. It's SUPER easy and it totally works!I mean, fer realz, right?

I am always trying to be better organized…keep to a plan and make lists.

Sometimes it workths… sometimes it don’t.

But I’ll never, never, never give up!

And so I made this to do list that turned into sort of a daily planner type thingy. Mainly, I wanted a place to write my to-do list, make a plan for the day, have a place for ideas and a place to make a list of supplies I need.

And so far, it’s working pretty well!

But then I didn’t want to print off fifty-eleven and have them flying all over the already crazy-pants office.

Then I thought, mayhaps, I could make my own notepad.

I looked for some glue that was made particularly for this purpose and found a couple of things on Amazon, and then I got cheap and figured I could use what I had.

And what I had was hot glue. That’s all.

So I tried it out and, lordy-be, IT WORKED!

 How to make a DIY notepad


You will need:

  • Printable
  • File Folder
  • Hot Glue

Print the printable out.  I printed about twenty sheets for testing puposes.

Click here to the download the To Do Daily Planner Printable.

  • First, take a manilla-type file folder and cut it to 8.5″x11″ inches.

diy notepad-2

diy notepad-3

  • Check that it fits your paper.

diy notepad-4

  • Clothespin it together.

diy notepad-5

  • Then, while you hold it down…

diy notepad-6

  • Run hot glue over the edges of the paper.

diy notepad-7

  • It might look kinda messy…

diy notepad-8

  • But let me tell you that it works!

diy notepad-9



You might have to run some glue over the back edge as well.


diy notepad-10

But, when I tested it, the paper pulled right off without any issues.  It’s a very down-to-earth, well-balanced notepad. 🙂

diy notepad-11

And I’m using it every day… I might try out some glue that is made for this though, because it would be fun to make my own to do lists for gifts!

 How to Make DIY Notepad using hot glue. It's SUPER easy and it totally works!


Pin me for later says the DIY Notepad…

Are you addicted to making lists? I’m starting to be…

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    1. Haha! It’s awesome to make your own…

      So glad I could rock your world. I enjoy doing that from time to time..hehehe.

  1. This is awesome, i’ll totally be giving it a try. You mentioned you might try a more specific type of glue if you were doing this to make gifts. What type of glue would you suggest?

    1. I think there is a specific glue to make notepads, but old school rubber cement would probably work!

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