Gold Foil Mountains Printable

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When I was a little girl, my sister played Maria in the musical, The Sound of Music.

Yeah, she was awesome.  And I wanted to be just like her… so I went around singing, Climb Every Mountain for days and days.

Years {more than a few} have gone by, but I still have it in my heart that when faced with a mountain, gosh dern it… I’m going to climb that sucker, even if it’s one of those looming, craggy kind where you have to hang on by the very tippy-tips of your fingernails.

Here’s a little reminder for us all… just print out this Gold Foil Mountains Printable and pop in a frame or a clipboard or tape it to the mirror in your bathroom.

You can climb every mountain... remind yourself with this FREE Gold Foil Mountains Printable!

This printable is available in my 10 Weeks of Free Gold Foil Printable series for Email Subscribers!  Just click here and sign up to start receiving your free printables!

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  1. i am totally singing climb every mountain in my head right now! 🙂 and love the foil mountains, too!

    1. Haha! I’ve been singing it around all week. People are starting to roll eyes at me. Oh, well!

      Thanks, my friend!

  2. ooh, love that! My 13 year old referenced the Sound of Music randomly the other day, and I don’t think he’s watched it since he was 5 or 6. Unless he’s sneaking around watching it on his own….anyway, great printable!

  3. Can these be printed using a regular home printer or does it require a special printer?

    1. I just print them on my regular ink jet. I think they look fine for diy art!



  4. I subscribed, but now how do I print? Looking to pring the climb every mountain pic!

    1. Did you get it in the email series? I think it’s week 4 or 5?



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