How to Freeze Bananas for the Perfect Smoothie!

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Ok. So maybe you know this already, but when I first started making my breakfast shakes, I wasn’t sure how to freeze bananas.

So after some trial and error, I’ve perfected it to an art form. {okhowmanywaysaretherereallytofreezebananasanyway?}

But I figured if I didn’t really know the best way at first, I should go ahead and share this little tip.

The best smoothies use frozen bananas! Here is the best way to freeze them for the perfect smoothie!

Supplies? All you need other than your bananas is a ziploc bag.

First, peel your bananas.  This is the secret.  If you don’t peel them before hand, you’ll have a big mess and it’s not fun.  Get the fun out of the way first and peel like a hungry chimpanzee.

how to freeze bananas-3

Next, and second most importantly, break your bananas in half.  I break them in half because then they fit perfectly into my awesome Ninja Blender Single Serve containers. {<= amazon affiliate link for easy online ordering}

If you don’t have a Ninja, I LOVE mine!  I’m serious as a 19th century, one room school teacher in a car of clowns.  The personal sized containers blend ice and frozen fruit like nobody’s bidness.

how to freeze bananas-2

Then, just plop your bananas in the bag. Make sure they are flat and in one layer. If you want, you can suck all the air to sort of vacuum pack them.

how to freeze bananas-4

Freeze for several hours.

how to freeze bananas-5

Now you  might be asking,

Why do you even need to freeze your bananas, Gwen?  Can’t you make a smoothie with a room temperature banana?

Here’s my A:

Yes. You can.  But to make the perfect smoothie, you have to freeze them.  Freezing them makes your smoothie taste like ice cream.  ICE CREAM.  Oh, my word.  SO GOOD.

how to freeze bananas-6

Doesn’t this post make you want to go make one right this second?

Need some breakfast smoothie ideas?  I have several for you right here!

What’s your favorite smoothie?  Let  me know down in the comments below!


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    1. I’m not entirely sure, Diane, mainly because we eat them as fast as they freeze! But I’d say as long as any other frozen fruit of veggie.

  1. Peanut. Butter. Smoothies. Oh, how I love peanut butter. We use frozen bananas, too. Exactly how you do it! Yum.

  2. spinach,strawberries,blueberries,pineapple,cranberries,all frozen oatmeal and protein powder a little water

  3. Best smoothie for me…half banana, Frozen berries, what ever I have, two chunks of frozen spninach, one raw egg….plain yoghurt, teaspoon chai seeds, honey if needed…this will keep me going for hours….sometimes I’ll put in Beetroot…or mango…keep the changes going….if I don’t have all ingredients I’ll swap for something else….sometimes it’s so thick I can eat it with a spoon, a real Memel!

  4. If I don’t use them in a week or so, my frozen bananas turn brown. How do you keep them from turning brown?

      1. Not really – they still turn brown in the freezer. Freezing just slows down the process. I have a photo but sadly I can’t upload it here.

        1. Hmm…. I store mine in a ziploc, Abby and it’s kept them yellowish for several weeks. Maybe try that?



    1. I would try rubbing them with a little lemon juice. A friend of mine makes frozen banana cubes and adds in some lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. I stopped making the cubes when I found out you can freeze them whole. I don’t see the point in the extra steps. I hope this helps 🙂

  5. We peel and freeze our bananas too. We but them into 1-2″ segments on a plate and my husband uses them for his smoothies, but also opens up the freezer and pop one into his mouth at any time.

    1. I love the idea of cutting them up in smaller pieces as a quick frozen treat, Debbie! I do that with grapes!



  6. Another tip is to use spotted ripe bananas, they are sweeter and digest easier.

  7. My favorite smoothie is for RA. Turmeric smoothie. Cup of coconut milk, 1banana, 1/2 cup of pineapple(mango or cherries or all). 1/2 tsp. Ea–organic ground cinnamon,turmeric and fresh ground ginger (from root). 1/4 tsp fresh ground organic pepper. I add flax and spirulina in it and chia seeds. Enjoy

    1. I put those spices in my pudding cup, never thought of putting those in a smoothie. Thanks

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