How long do you boil eggs for?

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Boiled eggs are the best, but sometimes it’s hard to guage just how long to cook them. In this article, you will find detailed instructions and times for boiling the perfectly boiled egg!

soft boiled egg with toast and orange

How long to Boil Eggs

It’s the age old question isn’t it?  Hey mom!  How long do I boil an egg for, huh?

I love boiled eggs.  Nay, I adore them.  Morgan laughs at me and my family because every time we get together, regardless of the occasion, someone will bring deviled eggs.

Are you with me?  Are you in the boiled egg lovers camp?

But maybe, you like your eggs a little bit jelly in the middle like me, and are never truly sure of the timing.  You’re constantly wondering,  “How long do i boil eggs for?”

Look no further, because I have the answer for you.

 a dozen boiled eggs with graphic text overly which says, how long do i boil eggs for?

Boiling eggs is an art, I think.  I used to just boil the water and let it ride for 15 minutes, just to make sure I got the egg yolk done.

No more, because I really love an egg that isn’t rock solid in the middle.  Now I do boil them hard for certain recipes, but if I’m just making them to put on my salad or for eating them for breakfast, I prefer a little more nuanced boiling method.

Here’s how long you should boil them for!  Just take a look at the image below, find your perfect level and go for it!

different levels of boiled eggs with their corresponding times

Times to boil eggs for:

  • 1 minute – whites very runny, yolk uncooked
  • 2 minutes – whites start to solidify, yolk uncooked
  • 3 minutes – whites gelling, yolk starting to cook
  • 5 minutes – whites gelled, yolk rare
  • 7 minutes – whites cooked, yolk very soft
  • 9 minutes -whites fully cooked, yolk a solid medium
  • 11 minutes – whites cooked, yolk a medium well
  • 13 minutes – whites cooked, yolk completely cooked
  • 15 minutes -whites cooked, yolk well done

What method of boiling should you use?

I prefer to put my eggs in the saucepan and cover with cold water.  As soon as the water starts to boil a good boil, cover with the lid and then immediately remove from heat. Start your timing then.

Why do I remove them from the heat?

By removing them from the heat, you lesson the risk that the shells will break and that you will totally over cook your eggs.

Can you overcook your eggs?

Yes. You’ll know this to be true if you find a green film around your yolk. This makes your boiled egg taste a little bit acidic. Not good.

Of course, you will want to test out the different boiling times with your individual oven and your preferred level of boiled egg-ness. lol

I hope this helps you on your quest to make the perfect boiled egg!

Do you have any boiled egg tips?  Let me know over in the comments on this FB post!



different levels of boiled eggs with their corresponding times

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