How to Cut Up Apples into Cubes: the Easy Way!

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Inside:  The quick and easy way to cut up apples.  The best knife and cutting board to use when cutting your apples.

Oh, boy.  I used to cube apples the hard way.  It took forever and I avoided it like the plague.

I’d use one of those slicers that would core it and slice it into wedges.  Problem was, it was A. very hard to push down on the apple, and B. not easy to cube because the wedges were angles.

When I experimented and discovered this new-fangled way to cube up my little Granny Smith greenies, I was like… Cubed Apples for every meal, yo.  

Not really, but I do like a good exaggeration in my writing every once in a while. 

How to Cube Apples the Easy Way!

So here, goes… Are you ready, McFreddie?

How to Cube Apples the Easy Way

How to cut up apples video:



Wusthof chef’s knife: It’s not cheap, but quality knives cost quite a bit.  I’ve had this knife for twenty years and use it every single day!

Bamboo cutting board: This is the same brand I use, but a larger version. 

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Written instructions for how to cut apples into cubes:

Step one: wash and dry your apples.

Then cut them in half and lay them on your cutting board.

how to cube an apple


Step two: slice each half vertically.

how to cube an apple-2

  • For the middle pieces, where the core sits, you’ll need to slice off a bit.

how to cube an apple-3

Step three: Stack them up and slice into cubes.

how to cube an apple-4

OR, you can lay them flat and slice into cubes

how to cube an apple-5

OR, yet again, you can put the apple half back together, and then slice into cubes.

how to cube an apple-6

Like so…

how to cube an apple-7

how to cube an apple-8

Either way, you’ll be cubing those little apples in NO TIME.

Just look at those beautiful cubes… so easy!

how to cube an apple-9Do you like to cube apples?

If you love apples, try out my quick and easy Quick and Easy Microwaved Cinnamon Apples Recipe!

Here are some other easy ways to cube some of my favorite foods:



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