Quick and Easy Microwaved Cinnamon Apples

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Who has time to bake apples?

Well, technically, I probably do, but this way is so much faster and easier that I just can’t bring myself to make them in the oven anymore.

It cuts into my blog reading time and we can NOT have that.

Super Simple Microwaved Cinnamon Apples... quick, easy and SO delicious!

So, how do you make these tasty Microwaved Cinnamon Apples?

I’m going to tell you.  {did you doubt me for a second, there?}

First, you’ll need some cubed apples. I taught you that secret yesterday. Pop over and read this post to see my easy way to cube apples.

how to cube an apple-9

Wasn’t that nuts? The answer is YES.

Next, cube some butter and put it in the mixing bowl ( I love these!) with the apples.

microwaved cinnamon apples-2

I didn’t measure my butter.  It looks like I probably used about 2 tablespoons of butter for about 3 apples.

Microwave on high for about 2 minutes.  Remove and stir the butter and apples.

Next, make a mixture of Cinnamon and Sugar.( I use this Saigon Cinnamon and it’s wonderful)  I use Stevia in the Raw.  My ratio is about 2 tablespoons of sugar to 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.

I actually use Stevia in the Raw.  It’s pretty dern good.

Just play with it. As long as you get more sugar in that cinnamon, you’re doing ok.

{side note: this recipe is not precise.  Sometimes, I just wing it.  It’s fun. Try it sometime. Like now.}

microwaved cinnamon apples-3

Then sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mixture over the apples.

microwaved cinnamon apples-4

microwaved cinnamon apples-6

microwaved cinnamon apples-5


Stir the cinnamon, sugar and apples well.

Then pop back in the microwave for about 2 more minutes or until the apples are soft and tender.

The End.

Except that you’ll need to eat them, but I’m pretty sure you knew that already.

microwaved cinnamon apples-8

Welcome to Yum City.

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  1. ooh, interesting! And yummy. I’m going to suggest this to my kids tomorrow when they bug me about snacks 🙂

    1. It is perfect! They’ve totally become a quick fix staple around here!

  2. I only had one Red Delicious apple, and tried it out. It was OK, but was missing something. I threw in about half of a banana that I sliced and halved, and mixed in a little bit of honey. OMG <3

  3. Love this!! I actually do something similar, but I use the cinnamon apples to make apple pie pancakes. So good!!

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