The Super Easy Way to Clean a Very Dirty Blender

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Yucky, icky blenders make me want to hurl soup cans at Fozzie Bear.

Ok. Not really, {because Fozzie is so super cute} but I seriously hate cleaning blenders. Are you with me?

And let me tell you, this here little discovery not only saved me time… it saved my sanity!

Here is the super easy way to clean a blender.  You'll never need to hand wash it again!

Here’s what you do to clean a very dirty blender:

clean your blender-2

Fill your dirty, icky, sticky blender a little more than halfway with very warm water.

Add the dish soap of your choice.

clean your blender-3

Then put the top on {a very important step} and turn it on high.

clean your blender-4

Then watch as the sticky mess just begins to disapear right before you very excited, very amazed eyes!

You might have to stop once and scrape the sides just a tad.

Then just give it another whirl until it’s clean.

clean your blender-10

Then just pour out the grody water.

clean your blender-11

Rinse with clean, fresh water and the angel choirs will sing their song of happy joyful clean blenders!

clean your blender-12

It cleans the blade better than your tongue ever could.. and it’s SO much safer.

clean your blender-13

See?clean your blender-14

Do you hear their angelic voices ringing?

clean your blender the easy way

Let’s take a look at the before again.  This is some Homemade Snack Bar ooey, gooey, sticky mess, yo.

clean your blender

And just look at how clean it is now:

clean your blender the easy way

And Fozzie wrote me a thank you note.  He’s so glad I’m not even having to consider throwing soup cans at him.

So am I, dear Fozzie.  So am I.

P.S. Yes, you’ll probably have to handwas the top. But that’s just a drop in the very dirty blender bucket, no?

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  1. For a really stuck on mess toss in some ice in cool water, as it breaks up the ice scrapes off the sticky stuff.

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