Spring Cleaning List – 10 Must Clean Places for Spring!

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Yes, it is time to think about your spring cleaning list!  I’m not one for doing a major clean in the spring, because I prefer to just do a little bit all of the time.

In face, just my weekly cleaning list helps keep things in shape!

But there are a few places that really need attention, and if you are one to “spring clean”, then these 10 places are a must!

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10 must clean ideas for your spring cleaning list:

  1. Behind and underneath the refrigerator
    • Use a dusting wand to clean the vent
    • Have someone help you move the fridge so you can get behind it (be very aware of the water line if you have a water dispenser)
  2. Under and behind all the furniture
    • Make a pointed effort to actually vacuum under every square inch of every piece of furniture. 
    • Take a swiffer and dust the backs and the bottoms of every piece of wood furniture in your home.
  3. Ceiling fans
    • Use a swiffer 36o to dust (be sure to have a sturdy ladder or a want extension
    • You might want to take the blades off the fan and scrub them in soapy water
  4. Washing machine
    • Buy some washing machine cleaner that is appropriate for the kind of washer you have. 
    • You can just run an empty load on whites – or Hot water cycle with laundry soap
  5. Kitchen and bathroom drawers 
    • Remove everything from each drawer and give it a good cleaning with some Clorox wipes or a damp rag.
  6. Under beds
    • Clean out everything from under your beds and vacuum well.
  7. Door jams
    • Take a damp rag or a swiffer 360 and clean each and every door casing.
  8. Shampoo carpet
    • Rent a carpet cleaner or have a professional come to clean all the carpet in the house.  It makes such a difference!
  9. Snake kitchen and bathroom drains
    • You can just use a plastic hair snake from the store or, if you tend to have problems with your drains like we did in our last house, you can call someone to come do it for you.  That way you are preventing any major blockage. 
    • We clean our bathroom drains often with a simple tool like this.  
  10. Garbage disposal
    • Use some home made garbage disposal cleaner cubes or try out these Plink balls.  I love the way the citrus ones smell!

That’s my top 10 places to clean this spring!  But let’s talk faqs:

Where can I get some of the cleaning products you mentioned above?

Above, I mentioned a few things to use.  Here they are again:

  • Swiffer duster with extension handle 
    • I’ve tried other ways to dust and I always come back to the swiffer.  Sometimes, I’ll use some pledge on my wood furniture, but I don’t like the smelly stuff, so it’s rare. But that leads me to something I didn’t mention:
  • Murphys Oil Soap 
    • I didn’t mention this above, but it’s a must have.  I use straight up oil soap on my kitchen cabinets and dilute it for other wood furniture.  It really gets the grease off the kitchen cabs and is gentle on everything. 
  • Shark Lift Away Vacuum 
    • I love mine.  I can use it as an upright for regular vacuuming or as a canister to get under all the furniture.  I should probably do an actual review, huh?  I love it.
  • Clorox Wipes 
    • This is the mother load from Amazon.  I keep these in the kitchen and in every single bathroom.  
  • Washing machine cleaner 
    • This is the brand (Affresh)  I use.  It says it’s for front or top loaders. Cool.
  • Plastic Snake for drains  
    • My hubs, Morgan, just loves using these.  He’ll call me in from the other room just to see how much hair he’s pulled out of the drain!  Gross. But if it makes him happy. LOL 🤗🤗🤗

Do I have to do all these all on one cleaning day?

I mean it is a spring cleaning list, after all.

But NOPE.  If you prefer to take one a month, I totally think that is a good idea.  Put each item on your calendar and set a reminder in your phone to do it.  That way your not overly taxed either mentally or financially!

When you do a little every week, it makes cleaning feel effortless.  If you struggle with (consistently) getting basic things done, you are not alone!  

And I can help!  Just sign up for my weekly cleaning mini eBook, 10 Habits for an Effortlessly Clean Home!  

I will be here to support you in making these simple habits an effortless part of you weekly routine.  

I hope this list of 10 places to spring clean and what I use has been helpful!  If it has, take a sec to share this post on Facebook or Pinterest.  There are little share buttons right below. 😍😍😍



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