Get Perky Blooms {the sneaky way!}

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I have a confession… I’m don’t have a green thumb. But I’m making a seriously concerted effort this summer to keep my green babies alive, and so far, I’m succeeding.

It was touch and go a couple of times, but when I saw my mint about to give up the ghost, I ran like a cheetah being chased by rabid giraffe and soaked it with water until it threw up it’s arms and said, “NO MORE!”

BUT… no matter how careful I am with my cheery Gerbera daisies, they just grow so high they flop over!

What to do? WHAT TO DO???

Make sure you always have perky blossoms... even if you have to do this!

I have another secret.  And it’s how I get my pretty daisies to stay perky-erky. All you need is a skewer and a twist tie.  So silly, huh?

sneaky flower support-2

Stick your skewer down into the pot up so it’s terribly up close and personal to the droopy bloom.

sneaky flower support-3

Then, take your bloom and tie it onto the skewer.

sneaky flower support-8

And you’ll have perky blooms 24/7/365.

sneaky flower support-6

Unless you have a black thumb.  And if you do, your secret’s safe with me!

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  1. I thought the secret was to take a decent fake bloom and stick it in a pot of a leafy plant. lol

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