How to Cube an Avocado {in seconds!}

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Just when I was about ready to graduate from college, I had a glitch in my classes. I ended up with having to wait a semester to take the very last Music Ed class because it was only offered in the spring semester.

{yeah. super fun to push graduation back a semester, huh?}

So,  I decided to move home and work so I could save some money. I’m sure my parents absolutely loved having a 22 year old move back in with them, yo.

Anyway, I waited tables at Houston’s restaurant in Memphis, Tn for about 6 months and come the summer, guacamole appeared on the menu.

All I could think was

Grody to the max.

But one of my waiting-table friends, made me try it. Needles to say, I’ve been a avocado, guacamole eating fiend ever since.

I love it so much that I’ll just cube one up and eat it all by itself.

{along with that watermelon and pineapple, too…}

You, too? I totally knew we were kindred spirits!

How to cube an avocado in seconds!  Easy and super fast!

So, then you just HAVE to see how to cube one like this.  It’s so fast and easy you’re going to kiss your computer screen all up and down it’s sexy digitalness.

Here’s how to cube an avocado in lightening speed:

First, half the avocado and remove the seed.

cube an avacado-2

Next, take a knife and score the avocado like so:

cube an avacado-3

Rotate and score the avocado in the perpendicular direction.  {btw, i love the word “perpendicular”… it’s just kinda fun to say, kwim?}

cube an avacado-4

Then take your spoon and gently scoop the cubes out.  I find that if you rotate the spoon around the outside of the avocado it will come out beautifully.

cube an avacado-5

And you’re done!  Just pop in a bowl or on a salad or in yo’ mouth. I won’t tell anybody.

Not even if the Chimpanzees revolted,  took over the world and promised me a year’s worth of avacados,.I swear, I still wouldn’t tell them.

cube an avacado-7

Are you a fanatic of the avocado?  Or do you turn Kermit in it’s very presence?


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