How to Get Back on Track: My Personal Holiday Detox Regimen

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Inside: Ready to get healthy again? Here’s how to get back on track with my simple, step-by-step plan for detoxing after the holiday chaos!

Are you the kind of person that is all or nothing?

I get it. I’m either doing everything I can to be healthy or I’m shoving cheetos and chocolate down my throat.

I used to be really hard on myself about it. If I deviated even a little bit, I’d look up from my cheese stained fingers and wonder where the past two months have gone. Then I’d beat myself up because I couldn’t wear my favorite jeans anymore.

So I’d cut everything out and restrict my eating until I could zip up those dungarees and parade around like I was hot stuff.

how to get back on track

But that’s no ways to live, is it?

I’m not perfect by any means but I’ve come a long way. I am much more self-aware and when I do start to spiral, I at least know what is happening, even if I can’t always stop it immediately.

So I’ve developed a way of dealing with the spiral that works for me, and I hope that, if you’re an all or nothing type of person like me, it might help you!

Watch the How to get back on track video

How to get back on track with my super simple detox plan

It’s so easy. There are really on a few tips to follow, and you get to decide how to follow them.

It’s like having autonomy within a set of rules where you get to make up the rules and there are no rules all at the same time!

I’m going to list everything I do below. But here the thing:

  • Do only one thing at a time. Do that thing until you feel like it’s second nature. Do it until you feel like you are comfortable and confident and it’s just easy to do.
  • You decide what order you go in. Except for drinking water. That’s the only step I really encourage you to start with. It’s the easiest and you don’t have to give anything up at all. You’re just adding in something that will make an immediate impact on your vitality.
  • Give yourself a lot of love. A lot of self-compassion. Talk to yourself in the mirror and encourage yourself.

  1. Drink Water
    • That’s it. Drink water. Add Lemon or Lime. Drink herbal teas, sparkling water. Any way you can get that water in is the most important. You don’t even have to measure how much your drinking. When you get thirsty, just reach for something that resembles water in the best way for you.
  2. Move everyday for a minimum of 5 minutes.
    • It doesn’t matter what you do. Stretch, walk up and down your stairs, turn on a favorite song and dance around. Don’t worry about getting 10,000 steps in right away. Just move your body a little bit each day.
  3. Choose one thing to eliminate out of your diet. Only work on one thing at a time. When I first started this plan, I would eliminate one thing each week. Now I can do one thing a day or every two days. Take as long as you need to feel comfortable and like you’ve been able to detox that thing. If you don’t’ have a problem with say, dairy. you certainly don’t have to get rid of it! It’s all what you personally feel like you need to do. Here my list of what I eliminate based on my food sensitivities.
    • alcohol (I love wine, but it dehydrates me and triggers my depression. it’s always the first thing to go)
    • sugar (anything that has refined sugar in it)
    • gluten (breads, cookies, cake, etc. anything made with wheat flour)
    • dairy
    • corn and corn products like tortilla chips
    • white potatoes and anything made with white potatoes like pringles
    • anything else that I feel is affecting my gut or mental health
  4. Add in healthy yummy things as you go along. I love:
  5. Listen to some inspriation! Here are some of my favorite episdoes from the Redefining Bold Podcast:

I know it can be a struggle. And it’s hard to try and keep that smile on your face when you are dealing with stuff on the inside.

salad with boiled eggs to help you get back on track

When you’re thinking about how to get bACK ON TRACK, It’s just so much easier of a transition when you take it slower and are more intentional about it.

I’ve tried to get through the holidays without going off my eating plan, but it’s just more depressing.

So I’m getting back to it right now before yet another holiday finds me. And maybe this December, I’ll moderate a little bit better than I did over the past few months.

Dropping my youngest off at college last June threw me for a much bigger loop than I was expecting and I turned to all the unhealthy habits I’ve worked so hard to heal from.

But I am so much more compassionate towards myself now. I am working through it and am finally ready to take the steps above and get back to a healthier way of eating and living!

Do you have any tips to add for how to get back on track after the holidays? Let me know down in the comments below!



P.S. If you’re looking for a great book, The Untethered Soul is just about my favorite!

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