#3: How to Accomplish Anything Without Stress or Anxiety

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How to accomplish anything without stress or anxiety


Here’s a quick look at this episode:

  • The negative thought process before starting a task you dread
  • The simple practice you can to do to shift your thinking and accomplish any task, large or small

Featured Quote:

Dare to visualize a world in which your most treasured dreams have become true.

Ralph Marston


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  1. Hi Gwen,
    I enjoyed this podcast. I love the way you described a very specific task as an example for the practice which is similar to motivational techniques I’ve used regarding exercise (“think of how good you feel after”). But I like your suggestion to “sit with the feeling.” My next question would be how to apply the practice to long-term goals (in my case, for example, “think of how you will feel 20 lbs. lighter” or “think of how you will feel after you send that children’s book draft that you have had for 14 years off to publishers” — ha, just gave myself some anxiety — but let me try your practice on this!!).
    Keep up the podcasts and website, etc.

    1. Thank you so much, Terri!  I have to say that I use this practice with my big goals too… like this podcast.  I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for years now, but I would get so overwhelmed thinking about actually launching it. So this time I decided to only concentrated on one step at a time. I kind of put mental blinders on so I wouldn’t think about the what if’s, and how it might be received. And it worked!

      It certainly can be scary when you’re putting out something to the world, but why not? We only have this one chance, so I say break it down into tiny baby steps and go for it!



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