4 Things to Deep Clean in the Bathroom

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Inside: Although bathrooms are cleaned regularly, they often don’t get deep cleaning. Here’s a quick guide to tackling 4 sometimes over-looked things to deep clean in the bathroom.

Is your bathroom clean enough? 😬

First, if you do your weekly cleaning, most of the time, yes… it probably is!

However, there are some areas that you should deep clean every 6 months or so to really keep your bathroom sparking. Honestly, there are 4 main areas that really should take top billing when you go to deep clean your bathroom.

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But before we get to the deep cleaning part, let’s talk about what to do before you get started!

What to do before you deep clean

When ever you go to deep clean any room, there are just a couple of things to do in preparation.

If you bathroom is overwhelmed with stuff, you might find yourself getting frustrated with the deep cleaning process. So I recommend, just a quick pick up before you start.

Just set a timer for 10 minutes and put away, organized the random things you see around your bathroom. This isn’t anything to stress about. If you have some cosmetics on the counter, quickly put them away.

If you have some clothes on the floor, throw them in your laundry basket.

Seriously, nothing more than a quick pick up. That way, getting into the deep cleaning process will be much less stressful because your not trying to dodge the clutter sitting on the counter or floor!

Four places to deep clean in your bathroom

1. Clean the Shower curtain, liner or doors

First, wash the shower curtain and liner

Last week, I shared how to wash a plastic shower curtain liner in the washing machine.

That’s my go-to way to get that vinyl clean. It saves me a ton of headache by using the washer and I don’t have to even think about it!

If you have a glass door, now is the time to grab that diy shower cleaner or favorite spray.

Clean the glass and really get into the nooks and crannies. We’re deep cleaning so set your timer for 10 minutes and get down to the nitty gritty!

2. Deep Clean the Toilet

So you clean your toilet regularly right? You swish and swipe on the daily. Or often. 🤪

But every so often, for the sake of your health and sanity, it’s important to get in there and realllllly get that sucker clean. Especially if you live with a male or two.

Here’s how to really get that toilet incredibly, superbly clean!

And if you’re looking for some DIY toilet bombs, I’ve got you covered => DIY Toilet Bombs

3. Clean the cabinets under the sink

I have to admit, my cabinets get cluttered on the daily. When we sold our house and moved, we lost a TON of storage space. Things got dicey.

Then we finally found a townhouse we loved and unfortunately, the bathroom storage space was just as limited as our rental!

So, it’s very important to keep that area tidy.

Declutter by throwing away old, used items

Set your timer for 10 minutes and go to town. Throw away all the gross towels and rags, empty or unusable cleaning supplies and beauty products.

Really cull hard. Become a throw-away ninja queen!

Take everything out and wipe down all the surfaces

In a normal monthly clean, I just move stuff around and wipe down surfaces. But this is not our normal clean. We’re getting in there deep. So take everything out and really wipe it down.

Get in the cracks and crannies…again! You don’t have to do this every month so turn the music up and work it hard.

4. Clean the Grout

I have a couple of favorite ways to clean grout.

Bleach Gel Cleaner

Use a bleach gel cleaner and a grout scrub brush.

When you apply the gel, let it sit for 5-10 minutes first. That will give the bleach some time to work and your elbows will thank you!

This is now my go-to option as often as possible. Because once it gets really dirty, you’ve only got one option- keep reading!

Baking Soda

Or you Baking soda and vinegar. Just sprinkle the baking soda on and spray it with vinegar (or my DIY Shower Cleaner). Let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub away!

Poly-Blend Grout Renew

This is what you use if your grout is so dirty neither of the above work! My grout in our old house was almost white. What a mess. There was no hope! I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Nothing seemed to help as much as I wanted it.

So I used the Poly-Blend Grout Renew.

It’s basically painting your grout. Yes, it was a lot. It took a couple of days and my hands and knees hurt.

But it was totally worth it. See for yourself!

Bathroom Deep Cleaning FAQs

How often should a bathroom be deep cleaned?

This is not your monthly list. Deep cleaning like this should happen every 6-12 months.

What cleaning products do I need?

I have a list for a bathroom cleaning kit everyone should make! There’s something amazing about having everything all together, in a kit… in each bathroom.

There’s no hassle of carrying all those cleaning supplies around. It’s a dream.

What other areas should I deep clean?

Here’s my list for deep cleaning the kitchen.

Again, deep cleaning is not an everyday, nor an every month job. Normally, I clean enough to keep things from being nasty. That’s truly enough to keep everything looking nice and smelling fresh.

But, every so often, it’s important for the health of your family to really get down and serious about deep cleaning!

If you have any suggestions for the bathroom, let me know down in the comments! There are other things you might want to deep clean, but these are my top 4. What are yours?



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