How to Wash a Plastic Shower Curtain Liner in the Washing Machine

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Inside: A shower liner protects the shower and tub from mold, mildew and soap scum. Learn how to wash a plastic shower curtain liner int he washing machine here!

It’s not a good sign when you start to see mold growing in the shower. And that goes for the shower curtain liner!

Mold, in any form, is not good. In this post, I’m sharing how to easily and effectively get rid of mold by washing your shower curtain liner in the washing machine.

It’s super easy and will get your liner surprisingly clean!

Can i clean plastic shower curtain liner?

Oh gorrrrrrl. Yes. Yes you can. Absolutely. Like yesterday.

I used to trash mine because they were relatively cheap ones. Now I buy a better quality and just wash it every so often.

I try to wash it monthly, but I know if it starts to look like the photo below, it’s definitely time!

What to use to clean a plastic shower curtain?

You can always scrub it by hand, but why? Unless you don’t have a washing machine, then I totally understand. No shame. Not everyone does. And that’s OK. However, this article is about how to wash it in your washing machine because, yes. Yes you can do that!

I talk more about cleaning it by hand down below in the FAQs.

What is the best way to wash a plastic shower curtain?

In the washing machine. Wash your plastic shower curtain liner in your washing machine! When I startred doing this 15 years ago, I did it on a whim.

And holy bessie, it worked like a 24K gold, 4-leaf-clover charm. (she says as she raises her hands in praise) Keep reading to see how I wash it in the washing machine.

Is it ok to put a plastic shower curtain in the washing machine?

You might think this seems crazy, but it is. It’s OK. You can and you should.

How to wash a plastic liner in the washing machine

First, take your shower curtain down from your rod.

Then pop it into your washing machine.

Settings I use:

Quick Wash setting – customized as follows:

  • Wash Temperature – Hot
  • Spin Cycle – Slow
  • Soil Level – Normal

I use the quick wash setting because it only takes 25 minutes. It really doesn’t need more than this to get clean.

Do you add Bleach or other cleaner?

First, add detergent. My washing machine has a dispensing unit so that’s why you don’t see my adding any regular liquid detergent or washing pods.

Second, Yes. I add a scoop of Oxyclean, but I think you could add bleach if you wanted.

How clean will it get the shower liner?

Very clean. It’s so easy to do this. And by washing it, the liner will last longer, for sure.

As you can see in the photo below, there is no more pinkish hue to my plastic liner!


How can you put a plastic shower curtain in the dryer?

This I don’t do. It’s going to get wet anyway so there’s absolutely no need at all.

How to clean a shower curtain without taking it down

If you prefer, when you are in the shower, use a scrub brush or sponge and scrub away.

Sometimes, in between washing I’ll do this. I’m in there soaping up anyway, doesn’t take but a couple of minutes to spot clean the shower curtain liner too!

I also will scrub the bathtub when I’m taking a shower. I won’t use any harsh cleaners when I’m doing this, but just a good scrub brush and a bit of body wash will do a great job.

How often should you wash a shower curtain?

I suggest washing it monthly. Put it on your cleaning list to do so and then you can catch any mold or mildew before it ever makes an appearance!

If you have any questions or other suggestions for washing a plastic shower curtain liner in the washing machine, just leave a comment below! It’s always nice to learn how other people keep their home clean!

xoxo, Gwen

P.S. Pop over to my cleaning section for more tips and tricks!

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