How to Freshen a Stinky Trashcan – Naturally!

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Yes.  The trash can.  It’s the stinkiest of the stinkies, isn’t it?  I sometimes wonder if God knew what he was doing when he created trash. And then I remember, he didn’t create the trash, we did.

And in this house, we tend to create a lot of it, most of which is left lying around on the table or the counter or the sideboard in the den. That drives me bonkers.  Batty, if you will.

But eventually it does all make it to the trash can {unless it makes it into Hot Shot’s tummy, but we’ll stop there}.

Back to the stinky trash can.  I’d had it and finally decided to nail down a routine on how to freshen a stinky trashcan and do it naturally. If you’ve been following along with this series, you know how neither Morgan nor I can stomach chemically smells.  Blech.

Here is my trashcan. And it doesn’t stink. Not anymore.

Stop using stinky bags and sprays to get rid of that trashy smell! Here is how to freshen a stinky trashcan... naturally! It's so quick and easy to do!

To freshen your stinky trash can, you need the following:

First take the All Natural All Purpose Cleaner and spray the inside of your trash can.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Obviously, you need to take the bag out first and throw it away.  Our trash can has that big plastic insert. I’m a fan…I think.  I’m sure I could do without it, but there is something about it that makes me happy.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Yuck. That’s all so dirty and gross.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Like I said before I got distracted with the utter nastiness of my trash can, spray the inside and wipe it out really good.

Next, we’re going to make a deodorizing burrito out of the All Natural Basic Deodorizer and some paper towels.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Lay a few paper towels out on your counter and spread some of the mix on one of them.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Then, fold the sides in about an inch and roll up the paper towels.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Like so.  This is probably the first Deodorizing Burrito you’ve ever seen. You’re welcome. 🙂

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Pop the burrito in the bottom of your can and grab a trash bag.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Spoon a couple of tablespoons of the Deodorizing Mix into the trash bag.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Shake it up, baby.  {if you want, you can twist and shout, too.  I won’t tell anyone.}

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

This will help keep you bag fresh too.  We used to use those smelly bags, but they were just toooooo much.

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

This way, it’s subtle and fresh and actually soaks up the stinky odors…naturally!

how to freshen a stinky trashcan

Lastly, spray down the outside of your trash can with the All Natural All Purpose Cleaner and make it shine.


On a side note, I really hate those streaks on my trashcan.  They are on my dishwasher, too.  Any ideas how to get those off?  No matter what I use, they just stick around.

At least my trash can isn’t stinky anymore.  That’s way more important than a few streaks!

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  1. pledge is a great stainless steel cleaner and will get those streaks off!

      1. Love the garbage can tip!! Baby oil works wonders on SS! Just rub on and wipe off with a clean paper towel 🙂

  2. This is for an “All Purpose” Cleaner, but I didn’t see anywhere that told me what surfaces you can use it on and also what it is best used to clean up or definitely what to NOT use it on. Can you help??

    1. I’d say you can use it pretty much anywhere except for granite, Susan.

  3. For me, 50-50 vinegar and water works magically on my stainless steel trash can, fridge and dishwasher.

  4. You should definitely give a lil ol dryer sheet a try.
    I male my own. And keep one on the sink. In the bathroom, by the fridge. Gosh I’d say everywhere. It works very well. For m at least.
    Let me know how yours works out.
    Have a blessed and streak free day..

  5. I’ve seen where people make up baking soda disks that are multi purpose. I feel these would work wonderfully in place of your deodorizer burrito! Only suggesting as the burrito requires one to use paper towels and the disks would eliminate/reduce this need to reduce waste! Always considering how to reduce waste and personal environmental impact 🙂

  6. I might need to use several of the burritos in my trash can. We keep our air conditioner turned up to 78-79 degrees nine months of the year here near Dallas, Texas. When I have cooked chicken or beef, the packaging starts to smell bad after one day, even if the bag is not full. And onion peels are stronger than any lemon peel or baking soda I sprinkle in the bag. We don’t have any other place to keep the trash than in the kitchen until it’s the day to take it out. Do you ever use an extra burrito in an especially stinky bag?

    1. I haven’t, Jewell, but it would be worth trying! And maybe if you put the really stinky stuff in ziploc backs or some smaller garbage bags and tied them up, that might help!

      Good luck!



      1. I keep a zip lock back in the freezer to put meat and chicken scraps and other smelling items until it is ready to be thrown out. Keeps the garbage can a lot less smelly !!

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