5 Forgettable Places You Need to Vacuum Every Month! (quick cleaning hacks)

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I don’t know about you, but dust and pet hair is a constant problem. We have pools of cat and dog hair that swirl around the house like a mini-dust storm in the dessert of our lives.

I try to keep it in check, but it’s hard yo.  If I don’t vacuum just about everyday, it gets beyond disgusting.  I have used a battery powered device for several years, but it’s never quite been strong enough or lasted long enough to clean like I really need it to. And the dollar vac we got at the yard sale this year keeps breaking.  We’ve glued the hose on twice, but whaddaya expect?  It was a dollar.

So when I had the opportunity to try out the Devil® 360° Reach™ , I literally jumped out of my pants to grab it!

forgettable places you need to vacuum

And with all of the cool attachments, it’s a breeze to clean hard to reach and forgettable places.  It’s everything this dust-reviling girl could dream of.

forgettable places you need to vacuum-4

For all of my almost 18 years of marriage, I’ve never had a portable, more versatile vacuum. Ever.

Let’s talk about those 5 Forgettable Places You Need to Vacuum Every Month (with quick cleaning hacks) and how easy the Devil® 360° Reach makes it!

5 forgettable places you need to vacuum every month (with quick cleaning hacks)!  #DirtDevil360Clean #Pmedia #ad	1. Ceiling Fans

I’ve always had ceiling fans. They are a MUST in the South.  But, they aren’t the easiest thing to clean, so it always goes on the back burner.  Then, when I go to dust them, the dirt and dust flies everywhere.  I hate it.

forgettable places you need to vacuum-7

But this Fan Tool is life-changing!  I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it.

Have you?

forgettable places you need to vacuum-8
Jaw-dropping isn’t it?  No more hating to clean these babies.  It’s incredible.

2. Air Vents

Are you like me and go for months with dirty air vents?  Not anymore.  Use the Vac + Dust Hard Floor tool and it’s easy-peasy!

forgettable places you need to vacuum-9

We have mostly hard floors downstairs, and I LOVE this attachment.  It really gets all the dirt and pieces of junk up under the cabinets in the kitchen.

forgettable places you need to vacuum-14

It’s so versatile.

3. Under the Couch Cushions

Our couch gets super nasty with two boys who “forget” they aren’t supposed to eat in the family room.  I should probably just take away TV privileges or something.  I need to work on that. Yes, sometimes, I’m too lenient. 🙂

forgettable places you need to vacuum-5

But popping on the Crevice Tool makes grabbing all the gunk that’s hiding down in the corners really easy.  I just have to remember to do it.

4. Window Blinds

If you have window blinds, you know they get thick layers of dust on them behind your back.  You can check them one day, and the next… dust city. And they are always such a pain to clean.

forgettable places you need to vacuum-6

But the Vac + Dust Above Floor Tool is perfect for getting in between those pesky blinds and ridding them of their layers of dust.

Brillz, baby.  Just brillz.

5. Top of the Refrigerator

The last place that I forget about is the top of the refrigerator.  UCK.  So gross, right?

forgettable places you need to vacuum-11

A very important place to remember to dust, right?  I mean, you have to eat the food in there, and you don’t want the gathering dust molecules to invade, right?

So that’s it!  But before you grab the free reminder printable, I want to show you one more thing.  I love this little Pivot Extension Tool on the Dirt Devil 360!

forgettable places you need to vacuum-12

I can really get to some hard-to-reach places with this little, but amazing extension.  So cool.  So, so cool.

And, while supplies last, you can get your own with the special package price of $149.99 at Dirt Devil which includes an additional attachment package valued at $75.

Now, you can grab your free reminder printable so you don’t forget about these oh-so-forgettable places that you need to vacuum at least once a month (if not more!).

Just click on the image below to download your free printable pdf.vacuum-printableLove the Dirt Devil 360 as much as I do?  Take a sec and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you have any other “forgettable” place you vacuum?  Let me know down in the comments below!

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    1. I certainly don’t think it would hurt! We have to clean ours out quite often or our dryer quits drying!

      Thanks so much, Ruth!

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