How to Measure the Perfect Cup of Flour

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Baking has always been my favorite thing in the cooking world to do. I remember making gingerbread cookies with my Aunt Ikey and, oh, how we laughed and laughed.

I can’t remember over what, but I remember my 12-year-old self literally falling on the floor in convulsions.

I think that’s why I love getting my fingers all mixed in the flour. {well, it’s gluten-free flour now, but still fun}.

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And one of the things I’ve learned along the way, is how important it is to measure correctly.  Sometimes, I get lazy and just plop the flour in, but it makes the recipes vary.  Using precise measurements in baking is right up there with making sure the oven is actually on when you put the muffins in. {don’t tell me you’ve never done that…}

How to Measure the Perfect Cup of Flour

The trick is to over-fill your measuring cup. Then take the flat end of a knife, fill the cup and then scrape it off.

You can see it in action in the animated gif below.


The best way to measure flour is actually to weigh it like the Europeans do.  But I bleed red, white and blue, so all my favorite recipes are in cups and such.

Do you dump and mix, or do you take your measuring seriously?


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