How to Use Every Bit of Your Bar of Soap

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Don’t you hate it when the bar of soap gets down to those tiny slivers and you can’t get it to suds up enough to do any good?

But you can’t stand tossing it out, so you painfully try to soap it up enough to get the workday grime off of your body?

Well, I have the secret to using every last, stinkin’ bit of your bar of soap!

Stop wasting the leftover soap slivers!  Use this little tip so you can make the most out of every bar of soap!

This is going to rock your world!

Start with a fresh, new bar of soap.  My family has used Ivory for years upon years upon years upon years upon years.


use every sliver of your bar soap-2

Wet the new bar of soap first.

use every sliver of your bar soap-3

Then place your sliver {or slivers} on the new bar.

use every sliver of your bar soap-4

Let it sit out and dry.

use every sliver of your bar soap-5

Then watch after every use as the sliver slowly melts into the new bar of soap!

use every sliver of your bar soap-6

The new bar will just absorb the little slivers as they unite as one in their bar of soap-ness.

use every sliver of your bar soap-8

It’s awesome.  And believe me… those pennies you just saved? They do add up!

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  1. Those pennies shall be pinched! I can’t wait to get low on my current bar of soap now!

  2. I have been doing this for years, I call it marring the soap….I save the soaps from hotels and use those like this too.

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