Super Quick Way to Peel A Kiwi

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Holy moly, we love kiwi’s.  But I don’t love peeling them. Or at least I didn’t until I figured this little trick out!

Love kiwi's but hate to peel them? Try this little trick and you'll be buying them often and in bulk!

I used to actually “peel” my kiwi’s with a potato peeler, but it took forever and it kept me from buying them.  But now, I just use a spoon!  It’s fast and easy, and I don’t knick my knuckles when I peel them anymore.  Hoorah!

Here’s the Super Quick Way to Peel a Kiwi

First, slice off the endpieces and discard.

Next, take a small spoon and separate the peel from the fruit.  Go all the way around the kiwi.  It’s really, really easy.  A newborn muskrat could do it.

Love kiwi's but hate to peel them? Try this little trick and you'll be buying them often and in bulk!

Love kiwi's but hate to peel them? Try this little trick and you'll be buying them often and in bulk!

Then slice and eat. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Love kiwi's but hate to peel them? Try this little trick and you'll be buying them often and in bulk!

I never hesitate to buy kiwi’s anymore. I particularly love them on a nice field green salad.

What’s your favorite way to eat a kiwi? Let me know down in the comments below!

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  1. Did you know the skin is edible!? Its kinda of dirt-y tasting, but its much less messy to eat…and you sort of get used to the taste. It sounds really gross but also intriguing, right?

    1. That is good to know Taryn! I actually tried juicing the whole kiwi with skin, but it left a fuzzy texture in the juice. 🙂

    2. if you want to eat the peel opt for the golden kiwi .

      To eat them , cut them in half and use a spoon to eat it , way easier than cutting just the top part .

  2. My favorite way is dipped in chocolate, stuck on a popsicle stick, and frozen! The perfect summer treat!

  3. I once worked with a lady who never peeled kiwis. She at them with a spoon, like the peel was a small container. And I’ll tell on myself when I say that this was in the early 1970s. Kiwi was a pretty new item in the produce department at that time.

  4. Many years ago (1970s), I worked with a lady who never peeled kiwis. She ate them with a spoon, like it was a small container. They were a fairly uncommon item in the produce department at that time.

    1. Hi Martha!

      I’ve actually tried that, but I must be eating-kiwi-with-a-spoon challenged! This way works better for me.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I love kiwis! I like to mix them with sliced strawberries and serve as a topping for vanilla or lemon pudding. Yum~

  6. Never thought of putting kiwi in a salad…thanks for the idea.

  7. I love kiwis, and throughout my life have variously eaten them skin-on, in half as “boats”, and peeled. I must try this trick, though. It looks so simple!

    Because kiwifruit are quite acidic (because of their Vitamin C), they go very well with sweet things – as a kid in Australia my relatives always made pavlova topped with strawberries and kiwis – crisp sweet meringue with a chewy marshmallowy centre, topped with lashings of cream and fruit – amazing!

      1. It’s pretty tasty! I don’t think there was a single family gathering that one great aunt or another didn’t bring a pav. It’s an iconic Australian dessert, and kiwifruit just make it.

  8. I AM SO GLAD I SAW THIS ON PINTEREST!!! LOL – Thank you for posting this 🙂 I love kiwis (as do my kids) but it has always driven me crazy to peel them with a potato peeler – it takes a long time (relatively speaking I know, lol) or takes off too much of the good stuff with the skin as well as I have also found myself “eating-kiwi-with-a-spoon” challenged! This is great. I already tried it and will feel much better about buying kiwis in bulk 🙂

  9. I love to eat mine sliced and peeled in a bowl but before I put them in I fill the bowl half with water and a teaspoon of sugar then put the kiwi in leave it for a minute and it just makes them taste even more delicious!!

    With some bits I put them in a tea strainer in a glass of water and make kiwi flavour water!!

  10. I found this on Pinterest. I love Kiwi, and I tend to peel the skin off of a lot my fruits, but I knew the skin was edible. Then I found out that keeping the skin on increases the fiber, so now I just leave it on. However I’m going to try this technique tomorrow after I hit my local farmers market 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  11. Love my kiwi fruit, have got the vine growing in my garden and my kids pick them, put their little fingers in the middle and pull them apart and eat them and discard the skin, too hairy, yuck! My vines are full of fruit at the moment and we just love them thank goodness! I also use them in cakes and on top of pavlova and various desserts, they never rot or get thrown out in my house! I have had them from the shop but they are so insipid, the Auckland New Zealand climate just loves them and gives them a deeper yummy taste

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