The Super Simple Way to Cube a Watermelon

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When I was little, I was what you would call a bit gullible.

I honestly believed that if I ate a watermelon seed, I’d grow watermelons out my ears.

But thank heavens that wasn’t true or I’d be a walking watermelon vine because when they come in season,  I’m all over those babies!

And I have a SUPER EASY way to cube a watermelon and thought I’d pass it along to you guys.

The EASIEST way to cube a watermelon!  So simple and fast!


First, cut your watermelon into quarters.

Then take a quarter and slice it down to {but not through} the rind like shown below.

how to cube a watermelonThen, on each side, slice horizontally as shown below.

how to cube a watermelon-2

So, now your watermelon looks like this:

how to cube a watermelon-4

Now, carefully slice all around the watermelon along the rind like this:

how to cube a watermelon-5

Once you go all the way around the perimeter of the rind, you can just dump the cubes into a bowl!

how to cube a watermelon-7

How freaking easy is that?  Seriously, huh?


Did I mention that I always buy seedless watermelons now?  No reason what-so-ever. Just do.

Do you have watermelon cutting tips?  Share them in the comments below!

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  1. I avoid watermelon cutting at all costs. Now, it just might be a bit more pleasant. THank you! I’ve pinned this.

  2. You know, you’re absolutely right. This is the best way to cube a watermelon. I’ve been doing it this way for years. I tried to cut it differently. It was supposed to be the “best” way. I’ll stick with this. It definitely works best for me. I can also just slice each section into small triangles for small gatherings!

  3. Great tip and will use if I am only going to eat a section of watermelon…. If I plan on cutting the whole thing.. I simply cut off the entire rind. So I have a big round ball of yummyness. Then my knife flies thru making big chunks and small pieces just the same

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