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Oh, you guys!  I actually MADE something!  I’ve been on hiatus for a while and it feels great to be back in the creative realm. HOORAY!

Glam up your life with this GLITTER IS MY JAM totebag! Just use iron on glitter transfer and a canvas tote bag. Details in the post.

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My favorite Christmas gift this year was this Kate Spade bag that Morgan got me. (After I sent him the link and made sure he knew that the sale would be over in two days… #girlsgottadowhatagirlsgottado)

The tote bag I have isn’t available anymore. At least, I couldn’t find it. But here is the wristlet version, which I also more than slightly adore.

glitter is my favorite color wristlet


If you don’t want to drop a Benjamin on Kate Spade, you can make your own!

What you need to make your own GLITTER IS MY JAM Tote

glitter is my jam tote

First, use your Cricut (or other cutting machine) to cut out the text.  Be sure to mirror it!

Here’s a tutorial from Cricut showing exactly how it works:

In fact, right now there’s a great deal going on. Until May 3rd, you can get 10% off at and free Fed-Ex home delivery with code CRICUTSPRING!

After the machine has done it’s job, just pull off the excess glitter paper to expose the text.

glitter is my jam tote-3

glitter is my jam tote-4

To iron on the vinyl, first warm up the fabric with your iron.

glitter is my jam tote-5

Then place your glitter heat transfer vinyl onto your tote and center it.

Use a pressing cloth and iron the vinyl for a couple of minutes.  You can press it and then check to see if it is adhering.  I would be sure to iron it on a little bit longer than the instructions and keep checking it.  As long as you use a pressing cloth, you won’t damage your tote.

glitter is my jam tote-6

When the vinyl has completely adhered, gently pull back the plastic and you’re done!

glitter is my jam tote-7

Now you’ll get loads of smiles and comments on your new tote!  People laugh at mine all the time.  It brings me joy to make people smile…even if it’s with my purse!

glitter is my jam tote-9

One little tip, I did center my text, but I should have placed it up higher.  Once I put my stuff in it, the bottom rounded out and it looks just a little off. But since I’m a recovering perfectionist, I’m ok with it!

Do you have a Cricut?  If not, don’t pass this awesome deal of 10% off and Free Fed Ex Shipping!  Ends 05/03/16!



ExplorerNLHeaderblack-and-white-tote gold-cricut-vinyl rowenta-iron

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