Stairway to Heaven…

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Oh, how I suffered…

I was lost and confused in the swamp of decorators block.

I spent literally months in agony unsure of my ability to rally to the occasion…

I had a party… I had guests… I had guitar teachers in my home.

And this is what they saw.

Stairway Before


{hangs head in utter shame}

And despite hours upon hours searching over Pinterest and Hometalk for some form of inspiration, I found nothing to spark my imagination…

Nothing to breathe life into the dead and empty space in my creative mind.

And then, one day… I stumbled upon a site so lovely… so artistic… so inspiring!

Spoonflower packaging

And I knew I had found my muse… my answer… my delight!

Because Spoonflower had wallpaper…removable wallpaper…

In sample sizes that I could order in different patterns for $5 each…

Wallpaper in such amazing designs that I was struck dumb with awe and wonder…

rolls of wallpaper

{And no… this is not that peel-off-the-back-contact-paper stuff…}

So, I ordered and received and cut to size.

Dip wallpaper in water

And followed the directions on the packaging.

Yup. I did.

soak in water for 15 seconds

And I wallpapered the stairs…

wallpaper on stairs

In black and white patterns…

smooth out

I let it sit for a minute and then smoothed it out…

wipe up excess glue

And wiped up the excess glue that pooled on the stairs…

It came up easily…

Wallpaper Stairs

And I knew… I knew I had finally found my Stairway.


Wallpaper Stairs 2

My Stairway to Heaven…


In happy Black and White patterns with a Pop of Lime Green…

{And if you look closely, I did mess one stair up a teeny bit, but I’m OK with that… I’ll just order another sample for $5 and fix it… someday.}

But in the meantime, this before is OVER..

Stairway Before and the after is…



I ordered 3 samples of 5 patterns for 15 stairs.  Not the cheapest solution, but, in the end, worth every penny…


finished stairs

Have you found your stairs?

Click right here-o to see how these lovely ladies are holding up!

Looking for more DIY’s gone bold?  Just click the image below!

DIY Gone Bold. Experiments in decorating without fear!

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  1. GORGEOUS! We did our stairs in 2 shades of orange because Hubby was having a hard time seeing the steps and we love having fun steps.

  2. GWEN!!!! Fantastic! Love it, pinning it to my idea board for our old building. That looks wonderful, invite the guitar teachers back.


    1. Oh, Bliss!!! Thank you so much!

      Guitar teacher is coming back tomorrow! He always says our house looks like Dr. Suess! I love that…

  3. Wow Gwen! I could have written that post myself! I had no idea Spoonflower had wallpaper. I’m almost afraid to click over there. Love the way the stairs came out!
    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    Hugs & Blessings …
    Simply Fresh Vintage

    1. I laughed so hard when I read this!!! Thank you, my friend!!! I hope my brain can continue down this path!!!

  4. Awesome! I love your stairs they are so eye catching now. What a huge difference the wallpaper makes. Great job!!!!

  5. Very lovely, Gwen! Black and white patterns always make me swoon, but that pop of green just makes the space. ps: My husband would love your post title – he always gets excited at anything that reminds him of Led Zeppelin 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I just love that pop of green amidst the black and white, too!

      I wondered if anyone would get the reference to Led Zepplin!!!

  6. It looks sooooo amazing Gwen! It’s one of those things I would see on Pinterest and pin to my “Dreamy dream” board. Like, for reals. Well done!

  7. Holy Stairs Amazing-ness!!! WOW! Loving this lady! I want to run up and down them!!

    1. Come on over!!! I need to run up and down them a few times…hehe!

      Thank you so much, Jen!!!

  8. Fab….u….lous! Honestly…I’m pinning your uber-coolio staircase…because my current house is going on the market soon…and I might just have a staircase in my new home (when I find it) that could become my very own “stairway to heaven”…One question, though: How do you resist the urge to get out your box of sharpies and do a little coloring?! I’m afraid that I’d skip dinner…and sleeping… xo

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Kimberly!!!

      That’s why I bought the green sample! I knew I had to have some color to break it up and not go in with my markers! hehehe!

  9. Amazing and pretty. Dad said he would probably be looking at the designs as he came down the steps and fall on his fanny.
    They are really pretty and add alot of interest and color one would never guess at doing. Very creative

    1. Haha!!! Tell Dad it’s a good thing he doesn’t live over here!!!

      Thank you so much, Mom! I am so happy with how it turned out… it’s not for everyone, but then everyone doesn’t have to live with me, right?

      LOVE you!!!

  10. I adore my own stairs but yours are fabulous and totally you! I love that it’s removable too. That’s very important when it comes to wallpaper. I’m speaking from experience. I’ve removed TONS of wallpaper and it’s no fun. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! I’ve never had to remove wallpaper myself, but I’ve seen people struggle with it, so I will never put it on the walls!

  11. Hi Gwen (its me Karen Aber Ploransky) one sentence–imitation is the greatest form of flattery–be prepared–I am going to do this to my stairs (eventually)! LOL I LOVE IT! Your Brilliant.
    (tried to use the new web address: the

  12. This is just amazing! I love the black and white combo… and I’m amazed at that product. Thanks for sharing on Project Inspire{d} this week!

  13. What a great idea! Never would have though of wallpaper. I love Spoonflower for their unique fabric and now their wallpaper as well. I love the patterns you choose. It is funky and fresh! Full of personality. Love it!

  14. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE STAIRS!!! These turned out great. I love the lively mix of patterns. I wouldn’t mind living in a two story house with stairs like that. Well done!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Jenny! I have to say, it makes walking up and down those stairs so much more fun!

  15. They look freakin’ awesome! I am still staring at my unfinished stairs…trying to decide what to do…and in the meantime you are doing this! Loving the B&W patterns and the pop of green. You go, Girl!!!

  16. LOVE!! Our stairs are plain and always getting scuffed. It looks terrible. What a great solution (this is what I’ll tell hubby when he inquires as to why I’m putting wallpaper on stairs. They just don’t understand!) We’re moving this summer and I’m already picking patterns for new stairs. We’re renting but that’s ok cause it’s REMOVABLE! Brilliant. Really!

    1. Thank so much, Melissa! Oh, men…

      This was one that Morgan (my husband) actually told me looked cool… I couldn’t believe it!!!

      I’m going to test the “removability” of it after it’s been up for a while, so I will let you know how it goes!

  17. I love this idea! Looks great! I hope to tackle our stairs this summer, we may borrow this idea!

  18. I LOVE it! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! you did a great job. I don’t have stairs, but I want to figure out something to use that wallpaper on! thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much, Christy!

      There is so much you could do with this wallpaper! I am trying to think of something else, too!!!

  19. LOVE the stairs… AND the Organizing Utility Tote in Lotsa Dots! Cute daisy pin, too! Love all your creative-ness and inspiration!

  20. I sooooo LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to do this, but lack the courage it requires. I have a shameful secret…I’m TERRIFIED of wallpaper…seems so permanent! I’m going to check out that site. Looks lovely!

    1. Oh, meeee tooo!!!! Terrified!!! But using it in a small way is great, I think. And this will be easy to take down which is a plus!

      I love Spoonflower!

  21. This is so crazy fantastic!!!! I kept seeing this “out there” and should’ve known it could be from none other than you!!!!

    Thanks for making me smile. Oh, and I’ve pinned this (along with the rest of the world …)

    🙂 Linda

  22. I’ve been wanting to do this, but couldn’t find small enough wallpaper packs to justify the cost! This has been pinned and you may see my version of it sometime within the next 6 months if I ever finish my foyer redo LOL

  23. Those stairs are to die for I tell ya! Congrats on your feature on Wow Us Wednesday’s. Totally worthy!

  24. I love this idea and I really like the patterns you used on your stairs as well. I’d be tempted to do this in my own home if I had stairs. Luckily I’m now in the first place I’ve ever lived that I’m all on the ground floor and don’t have to drag laundry up and down a set of steps. 😉

  25. Totally in love with your stairs! Pinned this for when I have stairs to do this with. 🙂 Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  26. stunning!! Makes me wish our stairway could be stripped of the tired, old carpet. Thanks for sharing!!

  27. Total and complete fabulous-ness!! I love it! What a great idea!

  28. I am in love with this project! I wish I could do this with my stairs. Unfortunately, I’d have to remove the carpet first.

    The black and white chevron is one of my spoonflower designs and I’d love to use one of these photos on the listing for that design as an example of a finished project. Would that be okay with you?

    1. Thank you so much, Misty!

      I remember us talking about this, but I’m not sure if I ever gave you an answer!

  29. Hi! I love this idea! Your stairway looks AMAZING!
    I’m definitely going to do this in my home.

    I do have a question though about the contact paper. I came across “removable shelf liner” by Macbeth Colkection that is gorgeous and cheap and would seem a perfect solution… But you made a comment about self-adhesive paper that makes me think maybe it’s not such a great idea… Did you have some experience with it?

    1. Hi Tamara! Sorry I’m just now getting back with you!

      It sounds as if the “removable shelf liner” is like contact paper, and that stuff is really hard to remove… so I say proceed with caution.

      I do know the quality of the Spoonflower Wallpaper is much better, so I do think it’s worth the investment!

  30. This is the coolest thing I have seen in stairs in like, forever! We are DIYing our stairs this summer (let’s hope). Ours have carpet and are deesusting. I love the idea of the wall paper! Genius, pure genius. Just popped over from Artsy Chicks. If you have time on your hands, I would love for you to share this at my link party, it stays up until Sunday at midnight. Thanks!

  31. Hi, i love your stairs and trying to replica something similar myself, I’m just concerned about the wear and tear on the paper. How are you finding it with people walking up and down the stairs?

  32. I just love the lime green paper you selected. What is the name of the pattern ? I would love to use that one on my stairs and have searched spoonflower for hours but to no avail….. Thank you so much!! Paula

  33. OMG LOVE these stairs. I wish mine weren’t carpet and I could do something as fun as this! Such a smart idea.

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  36. I love how this came out. I did the same thing on my stairs…but not quite so boldly 🙂 I went with the same paper on all the stairs. The look is subtle but still way better than the boring before!

  37. That is absolutely creative and gorgeous. I simply love it! Your choice of patterns was on point too. Well done…?

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