Welcome to a place where there is no right or wrong…

no hard set rules to follow…

no DIY nazi standing over your shoulder, whispering in your ear.  

No.  We celebrate no-holds-barred trial and error {and trial…and maybe some more error}, where what we do is an expression of who we are at the time.

9 Bold DIY Projects to inspire you to make your home your own...DIY gone bold!

Here are some of my very own experiments or DIY Gone Bold!

How to create a magnificently BOLD staircase using removable wallpaper.

stairway-to-heavenDecorating stairs is like trying to get your 110lb lab in a baby bonnet… it’s tricky, but, with some finesse, it can be done!

And with some amazing removable wallpaper, the possibilities are endless. You can go crazy or subtle or colorful or monochromatic.

Read this post to find out how.

How to make beautiful flowers from dyed coffee filters

beautiful-flowersRegular people use regular coffee filters for regular coffee drinking.  Creative people use them for making creative project.  Bold people turn them upside down and inside out by zapping them with some much-needed color.

Learn how to dye them first and then follow this tutorial for making the most gorgeous coffee filter flowers since the Egyptians grabbed some weeds and magic-ed paper.

How to alter regular porch swing plans to make a totally unique porch swing.


With these tips, you can create what was once just a glimmer of hope in your totally groovy porch swing dreams.

Then won’t the neighbors really be talking?

Read this post where I give my tips for taking normal porch swing plans and altering them to create your very own, totally unique and BOLD design.


How to turn an old sofa table into a stunning DIY Sunburst Console

sunburst-consoleIs your favorite flavor Sunshine?  Mine, too!

Leave your home dripping with the deliciousness of sunburst drama and let the world taste the lightness in your spirit.  You radiate it and so should your furniture.

Using this amazing paint, you can transform anything into a yummy taste of summer.

10 Tips for Installing Faux Board and Batten

faux-board-and-battenDoes Faux=lazy?  Well, if it does then Lazy is now my middle name…and first and last.  And I’m ok with that.

But adding Faux Board and Batten can skyrocket the WOW factor in any room.

See this post for my tips from going it alone on this project.  It was not even as hard as I thought.  It just took a wee bit of time and patience.


How to use Chalkboard Paint to Update a cool vintage desk

chalkboard-deskDid you know that there is an Opera for Furniture?  It’s called Chalkboard Paint.

And this opera will write a new chapter for the ugly… the down-trodden… the weary.

Check out this post to see how just how using a little regular chalkboard paint will make something old and tire out sing a brand new song.


How to paint perfect wall stripes

perfect-wall-stripesDo you dream of stripes on the wall…the ceiling… your cat?

Ok. Maybe your cat already has the perfect stripes, but those walls are crying out to you.

So, don’t make the mistake of just slapping up the tape and painting over it.

Make sure to use this one simple tipIt will rock your stripe painting world.

Take those perfect stripes and make them awesome.

stenciled-wall-stripesNow that you’ve got your perfect stripes, it’s time to put some VA-VA-VOOM to work!

I mean, why have ye-old boring stripes, when you can have swash-buckling, bodacious ones that dance the night away?

Read this post to see how my stripes are jammin’ out to a new beat.

It’s hypnotizing.

10 Super Important DIY Lessons everyone should learn

diy-lessonsWhen it comes to DIY, there’s a wheelbarrow full of monkeys to tame.

But you don’t have to brave it all alone…

Find out the 10 most important lessons that I’ve learned along the way right here in this little post.

Chimpanzees optional.