11 Extremly Creative DIY Island Ideas for the Kitchen

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When we were in our former abode, we had a pretty big kitchen. But it wasn’t open. It had flow, but it was kind of weird because it wasn’t big enough to be an eat in kitchen and wasn’t small enough to really be a galley kitchen. I always thought that maybe I could figure out a way to have a DIY Island, but I hesitated thinking that my space was just not big enough to have any kind of surface sitting in the middle of it.

See what I mean? Forgive the grainy photo. That was 10 years ago. Whoa.

Kitchen with brown cabinets and black granite countertops

It had loads of space there. Empty, island wishing space. I can see why they didn’t build an island in it because, honestly, it’s a glorified galley kitchen.

But, finally, I went for it! And I didn’t even have to make anything to get my island. Win/win!

I actually had this wedgewood grey sideboard in my dining room, but when we decided to sell the house, I wanted our dining room to be as uncluttered as possible so it would feel bigger. That meant finding a new home for my sideboard.

After debating whether to store it or not, I decided it wouldn’t hurt anyone (except my husband’s brain) if I tried it out in the kitchen.

And I loved it!

Kitchen with grey sideboard used as a kitchen island

It was almost the perfect size! Yes, it could have been a little thinner and a little deeper, but I was thrilled to have an island without having to buy or build anything. And with it’s light color, it really broke up all the dark orange/black countertops in the space.

And it was so useful too. I have never had an island or a peninsula that didn’t have overhead cabinets hanging in my face, so this was a revelation and a dream come true. It’s so nice to have an open surface without any obstacles blocking your vision or to bang your head on!

Now that we live in an apartment again, with a quasi galley kitchen, I miss it. So when we buy or build in the future, I will most definitely have an island or a really nice peninsula to prep food on!

So you saw my make-shift kitchen island above, now let’s take a look at some other extremely creative and unique DIY Islands!

Creative DIY Island Ideas for your Kitchen

blue kitchen island

1. Kitchen Island from a Vintage Sideboard

This is similar to what I did in my former home. Just take an old sideboard and throw it in the middle of the kitchen! Add a marble top if you want, but I didn’t and it was just fine.


2. 1980’s Dresser turned kitchen island

At least, this is what I identify as a dresser from the 1980’s. I actually had some mirrors that looked very similar, so that’s what I’m going with! I feel like they added some length to the legs at the bottom making this island counter height, and then adding the marble top. I love it!


3. Rustic Island

I’m pretty sure this is a rare find, but I love how rusticly beautfiul this island is. Do you know what it really is? Honestly, it looks like it might be a potting table for the garden. But used inside, it adds a lot of charm!


4. Ikea Hack Kitchen Island

Ikea hacks are awesome and this island is no exception!


5. Desk Turned Kitchen Island with wheels

What a pretty desk/island! Adding the large casters helps to add height and make it useable as an island in the kitchen.


6. Apothecary Cabinet turned Kitchen Island

Now this one slays me! I love, love, love this use of a vintage apothecary cabinet used as an island!


7. Pallets turned Kitchen Island

Pallets can be a great way to make some very inexpensive DIYs! I used them to make my porch swing several years ago, and it has held up very well.


8. Bookcase turned Kitchen Island

If you have a tiny kitchen, this might be a great option!


9. Twin Dressers turned Kitchen Islands

I love how they extended the island top to create a hang over ledge. How functional!


10. Colorful Dresser with storage as Island

Not only is the color amazing on this dresser turned Island, I love how they added the paper towel holder and other hooks for additional storage. Practicality at it’s best!


11. Metal Desk turned Kitchen Island

What a creative way to DIY a kitchen island! Find a metal desk and add some large casters or extra feet to add height!

I also love the subway tile in this kitchen! I have a post from a few days ago where I talk about using subway tile and how budget friendly it is.


I hope these extremely creative DIY island ideas inspire you to do something really cool in your own home! It doesn’t have to be an island even… just take something and use it for something that it wasn’t intended for!

Have you done that before? Pop over to this post on FB and let me know in the comments!



blue kitchen island

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