In defense of white subway tile or… 6 beautiful uses of white subway tile!

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What do you think about white subway tile? I know this might seem pretty random given we are living in a rental right now, but I was thinking about the previous article in which I challenged you to rethink using expensive finishes in your home, and it got me to thinkin’.

If I had to tile a shower, what would I do? And stay simple and cost-effective? Random, I know.

Because even though we’ve simplified our lives, I do love thinking about design.

So, the answer for me is a very obvious WHITE SUBWAY TILE. But I’ve read some articles or seen some comments about how some people don’t like it or think it’s passé or blah. Now, I can’t pinpoint where I’ve seen/read/heard those opinions, so this isn’t really a rebuttal to anyone except the proverbial and elusive “They”. Lol

Why should you consider using white subway tile?

In my opinion, it is the undeniable classy choice for anyone wanting to save money but still have a very posh look to their bathroom.

Because you can get a steal of a deal on subway tile. No, not marble subway which is very beautiful, but just plain, ole, ceramic subway tile from anyone of the big box stores. They even have white subway tile on Amazon.

So anything that screams classic and thrifty is a win in the books for me!

If you are in the “blech, don’t ever use that boring, plain Jane white subway tile”, let me just provide some evidence to support my enduring love and utter devotion to what is known as…

Examples of White Subway Tile







There are so many ways to create interest using white subway tile! I love the bathroom with the black window shower door! It’s gorg!

What’s your favorite example? Pop over to this post on FB and let me know!



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