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Oh, Christmas Tree Porch, Oh Christmas Tree Porch

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I think I’m going to skip Thanksgiving and get a jump on Christmas.

How about yall?

Last year was the year of pain and anguish.  Sorta like my run in with Poison Ivy, but no poison, and replace the ivy with a Pine Tree.

Well, we are NOT doing that again this year.  I over heard Morgan on the phone with the Lions Club talking about manning the Christmas Tree Sale and I swear I started to sneeze…

But I really do LOVE the idea of another Christmas Tree Porch.  There is something really special about seeing twinkly white lights out the front window…

And I just pray my Dr. Suess Inspired Christmas Tree Topper made it through the seasons in the Attic… I’m not sure where it is, but I’ll go digging to find it, for sure!

Dr Suess Style Tree Topper

I hot-glued the be-jeezus out of it, but after a year of sitting around in the un-air-conditioned attic, there’s no tellin’…

If we do intentionally have a Christmas tree porch this year,  I’ll have to figure out how to stabilize it a bit better b/c every other day, the wind rushing down the hill blew it over… I tried to tether it through the window, but, alas!  That was not the best option.

Put a Tree on the Porch

So, really?  It was a pain.

A pain in the nose and a pain in the neck.

But, it sure made me smile when I peer out at night lookin’ for Santa in the stars…

Sometimes,  you’ve just got to put up with pain to experience the pleasure and beauty, don’t you?

Are you ready for the Christmas madness to start?  On your mark, get set…

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  1. We’ll have a tree here, but I’m worried I’ll react poorly. A couple of years ago, I was allergic to something on the tree, but last year was okay. However, I’m not thinking about decorations for quite some time. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Christmas? Not so much.

    1. I hope you don’t have a reaction this year!!! It’s NO fun, huh?

      I’m excited for Thanksgiving, too… we are going to see our family! We haven’t been “home” in over a year and a half… tooooo long.

  2. Ah, we just went fake last year and I liked it but hubby didn’t. I pointed out to him that I was the one that had to clean up after it and water the thing. So, yours is already up then? I like your idea of putting it out on the porch too, it must look beautiful from inside.

    1. Ha! No, this is from last year! I don’t get going until after our Thanksgiving… and I’m lucky if I get going then!

      But I did really enjoy it last year… very much!

  3. I love to decorate my porch! I am not ready for that yet though…I’m still in the thinking stage. Hope you are having a good week!

    1. Oh, me too, Ann…. thinking, thinking, thinking…And I’m thinking that I don’t want to a sinus infection, but I sure did enjoy having a tree on the porch!

      If I do it again, it will go directly outside!

      Things are going well over here! How about you?

  4. I am so ready to start decorating for Christmas! I dread it, though. I know all of my decorations will NOT fit in our new house! aaaaghh! maybe the front porch is the answer!!!

    1. Oh, yes! Deck those outdoor halls, Lucy! I love decorating outside as much as inside, and I make Morgan drive down the front of the street just to see it… (we live in a carriage house so the garage is out back). Vain, I know, huh?

  5. What a great idea! I think it is time to get my front porch spruced (like the pun? C:)

    1. Haha! I LOVE the pun! I’m all over the PUN!

      Puns are the punniest! Haha…

      Hope you are having a great week, Jane!

  6. I am, I am.

    I always love when we light watch, to see a tree outside… it’s so pretty!!

    1. Me, too! I just love the lights and the decorations, but NOT the cold… you can keep that! It’s freezing here and I’m wrapped up in a big sweater and blanket…

      If I have to be cold, then bring on the sparkles, I say!

  7. I too am so excited for Christmas!! It will be here before we know it & so will a beautiful Christmas tree on your porch :o)

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