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How to Layer Your Christmas Tree (don’t decorate it…”layer” it!)

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I’m so excited to show you guys my little white tree this year!  I’ve never been super awesome at creating a stunning tree, but I’m learning.  The one thing I’ve figured out is to stop “decorating” my tree and, instead, think of it as “layering”.

Stop decorating your tree and start "layering" it! Use this fool-proof method for created a gorgeous tree on any budget!

It’s really very simple, but it is helping me to be intentional about what kind of decorations I need.  I love this base of white and gold…  It’s a huge change for the past few years of bright and crazy colors.

The one thing I did bring over is the polka dot ribbon.  I was standing in the craft store trying to decide what ribbon to use and had all of these “sophisticated” ribbons in my hands.  When I saw the gold polka dots, my Inner Gwen told me to use them!  As my taste evolves, it’s kinda fun to find things that evoke where I’ve been.  Part of me said no, but Inner Gwen won out.

And I’m glad she did.

Here is how to layer your Christmas tree:

Start with your ribbon.

Not everybody uses ribbon, but I adore it.  Ribbon is the foundation of any beautifully decorated tree.

layer your christmas tree-2

As you wrap your ribbon around your tree, be sure and allow it to twist and turn.

Nothing looks funnier than ribbon going straight around your tree, IMHO.  I don’t often take hard stands here, but I’ve seen several trees from very talented people who just roll the ribbon straight around and it literally drives me bonkers!

layer your christmas tree-3

See how mine is all twisty?  That’s what you want. #inmyopinion

Yes, you’ll need to buy a little more ribbon to do this, but it’s so worth it.

Next, let’s layer some garland.

I found this pearly strand at Michaels and love it.  It took 4 strands, but again… worth the money.

layer your christmas tree-4

Space the garland in between the ribbon as you go down the tree.

layer your christmas tree-5

layer your christmas tree-6

Now it’s time for the ornaments.  Go from largest to smallest.

First, start with the largest you have.  You might throw some giant flowers or add some sparkly twigs.

I opted out of that this year just due to budget constraints.  Next year, I’ll make some giant decorations top on the list.  I did end up making some large glittery snowflakes, which will be on the blog next week for “Paper Ornament Week”!  Be sure to stop back by and get some gorgeous ideas that are soft on your wallet.

The largest I had were these glass balls.

layer your christmas tree-7
layer your christmas tree-8

Then I added some sparkly Christmas trees, and finally, some small glass balls to complete the look.

layer your christmas tree-10

And the tree is ready for presents!
layer your christmas tree-32

Or animals.

layer your christmas tree-33

I actually got some lovely shots of our furry friends this year.

layer your christmas tree-16

This is Hot Shot, our almost 11 year old Lab.

layer your christmas tree-18

Don’t let his calm demeanor here fool you.  He still acts like a vivacious little pup.

And this is Cookie, our spoiled little kitty, who finds our very fake tree insanely enticing..

layer your christmas tree-27

layer your christmas tree-28

They are both ready for Santa to get here.  Treats for everyone!

But these are my real babies.  My 16 year old whose back of the head is about all I see these x-box filled days.

layer your christmas tree-13

And Brendan, who is my snuggler and candy-making helper.

layer your christmas tree-23

Stop back by next week to see the Glittery Paper Snowflakes and lots of other fun paper ornaments!



P.s. You can visit my Christmas Gallery and check out all the pretty, new gold Christmas projects I’ve been working on.  Go for the Gold, baby!

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  1. Very nice! We have the same tree, I used white burlap ribbon, and added silver and gold ornaments. Similar and awesome results!

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