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Free Printable Christmas Tags: Glitter Tree in 3 Different Patterns

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Wrapping presents is like dragging myself to the bi-annual dentist visit.  I dread going, but I’m always glad to have clean pearly whites when it’s over.

Well, my presents don’t have teeth {thankgoodness, or we’d all be fingerless zombies come the New Year}, but getting this going is a spiritual practice for me.

How about you?

So far, I have one fully wrapped gift under the white sparkly tree. And that’s because, once I finished putting the glittery hot pink tulle around said gift, I realized I was woefully depleted of Christmas tags.

Now, I could have {and perhaps should have} used these Chalkboard Christmas tags I made last year about this time, but…

I didn’t.  Le Sigh.

I sat down and spent all afternoon working on some hand-lettered printable Christmas tags.
Grab these super cute free printable christmas tags for you presents! They come in 3 fun patterns: Pink Glitter, Gold Foil and Gold Foil Cheveron.

I’m just getting into hand-lettering.  I bought this book about a year ago with the intention of trying my lettering-hand at hand-lettering.

Oh, it’s going to take eons of drawing letter after letter after letter to get the hang of it, but I think I’m off to a quarter-way decent start.

And the start of this happy little tag began with jingly sleigh-loads full of sketching.

I finally settled on this design as you see below these words that I’m typing here on this page.

glitter tree christmas tags

The pencil session is my favorite part as of now.  It involves an eraser.

Eraser = My bestest friend.

Then, comes the time for the inking with the pen.

I’m asking Santa for an Artist’s Light Box for yuletide, but for now, I have to just turkey wing it with my glass-topped table and a flashlight.

I pulled the glass off far enough so I could shine yon light from below.

glitter tree christmas tags-2

So much easier to trace, my bold ones.

I flaked on the pictures of the inking process, but let’s just say my copier paper stack is feeling a bit floaty right now.

In the end, I just said NOBODY’S perfect their first time out of the hand-lettering gate and picked my favorite version to digitize.

And this is what I have for you tonight {or this morning or this afternoon… whenever your reading this postio.}

glitter tree christmas tags-4

I figured out how to use my Print then Cut feature on my Cricut Explore. {that’s my affiliate link to the Cricut Explore. Go check it out. :)}

Oh, lovely Cricut.  You complete me.

glitter tree christmas tags-3

You can have these Free Printable Christmas Tags, too.  If you want, that is.

To download and print this pdf printable, just click here. 

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