Healthy Snacks Kids! Two snack drawer solution…

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Super Easy Tip to Organize Snacks for Your Kids So They Don't Drive You NUTS!When I get to heaven and stand before the Almighty with the choirs of singin’ angels at my back…

And I wait for a million years until it’s my turn to whisper in his ear and ask him any question about this life on earth, I have only one thing I want to know…

Well, after all the really, really important ones about war and famine and cancer and abuse…

I’m going to ask him why he didn’t make broccoli taste like Gobstoppers.



Yes. That is the burning question that rolls around in my brain every time I eat a edamame bean or an asparagus spear.

These could taste like sour punch straws if I were in control…

But I’m not.  And that’s probably a great thing…

Anywhoo,  what do you do when you’re raising two hell-on-wheels boys that eat more than their body weight every. single. day?

And just when you sit down to write what is obviously going to be your most EPIC post ever and your brain is primed and the muses are dancing all around you in time to that new Mumford and Sons single…

And you hear,

MOM!!!  I’m Hungry!!!!

And your blissful state of creativity is painfully interrupted, and all the momentum you thought you had comes screeching to a halt…

And all your snacks are up high.  And your littlest can’t reach anything.  And you holler, “Eat the healthy snacks kids! ”

But they can’t because they don’t know where to look…

Well, I’ve found the answer. Yes. I have.

Snack Drawers.

kitchen drawers

Two of them.

Make two separate snack drawers

One that has healthy snacks…

One drawer for healthy snacks

And, well… one for the, ahem, not SO healthy snacks.  I know, I know… these below aren’t the worst snacks on the planet, but they aren’t’ the greatest either…

Not so healthy snacks

And now, when I’m blissfully typing away,  my yunguns can fend for themselves and find their own way…only after threatening them  carefully explaining the rules of the snack drawers.  One from the healthy snacks kids drawer and one from the other…

And yes, that was the draw housing all of our extra ketchup and taco sauce packet… I’ve changed my hoarder ways!

Pick you snack yourself

Of course, you can see the path one of them is choosing.

That’s why there ‘taint any Gobstoppers hanging out down in either of those snack drawers…

But, oh, would that there were.

So, tell me…  am I the last mom on the planet to discover this little trick?

Or did I give you some valuable information that will change the course of your daily life? haha…

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  1. You for sure gave me valuable information that has changed my life forever. It is epic. And I would go for the raisins. Just saying. Okay, that’s a lie. Give me the chocolate anyday!

    1. Sur-riously. Chocolate vs. Raisins? Not even a fight… Unless said raisin is covered in said chocolate and then “state of bliss” comes to mind!

  2. I used to do a snack basket in the fridge full of healthy snacks, but then I got lazy. I guess I should start doing that again. Kids are hard to feed sometimes! And husbands too! Just when I think I find something not too unhealthy that they actually like and will eat, they go and get bored of it. Arg. Just picked up some yogurt covered raisins this morning that I’m hoping will be a hit!

    1. Lazy or normal?

      I swear. They like something, I go to the store and bring it home. Then they won’t eat it (like gogurt) and it goes BAD!!!!

      Yogurt covered raisins are always a bit hit at our house! I used to put them on my frozen yogurt from TCBY… One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!!!

  3. Smart mama!!! We have healthy-ish snacks on the lower shelves of the pantry but that’s as far as we’ve gotten. They are still begging for food and help non-stop :/ May the force of the snack drawers be with you!!!

  4. Well, somehow I skipped over this stage and moved straight into the I-don’t-have-to-ask-I-can-just-stand-on-the-counter stage. He is an only child, so at least he’s not teaching bad behavior to a younger sibling. And really, figuring out how to get into the tippy-toppest corner cabinet all by himself was pretty creative, right? So there! Look at me – encouragin’ creativity and figure-it-out-ive-ness. (I seriously just had a brain fart trying to remember that word. Thought the dashes would do it for ya, though.) Happy Friday, sweet Gwen!

    1. Haha! I think when you have one you can totally do that! I’m so much stricter about food than my parents were… I’ve trained them to ask for every. little. thing. and now it’s biting me in the butt!

      Thanks, Jenni! I hope you had a great weekend!

  5. I have a snack basket with healthy snacks and we have a drawer in the fridge with gogurt, string cheese, etc. I’m with you … if cauliflower could taste like chocolate, I’m sure my jeans would fit a wee bit better 😉

    1. Aren’t you awesome! I think I tried that once, but I could never keep up with it!

      Don’t talk to me about jeans… I’m in a huge fight with mine right now and unfortunately, I am winning…ugh!!!!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! It’s been helpful, but now they are both empty and I need to get my rear to the store! I’m forcing them to eat all the snacks from the refrigerator right now and they are not very happy about it!

  6. Maybe when my boys are older I can switch their snacks down low into drawers. I keep most of their snacks in baskets in the cupboards and in the fridge. If I left it reachable they’d be sneaking stuff 🙂 My hubby and I have our own snack basket as well. I love having the snacks out of their boxes; easy to access and takes up less space.

    1. Oh, that never stopped me. My mom even locked them in the china cabinet and we’d always find the key. Finally she just gave up!

      I know! Having the snacks out of the boxes makes it so much easier… that could be a good thing or a bad thing, right?

  7. Love it ! I will have to wait to do this though ! Since the just turned 3 year old LOVES to share with ALL the aniamls (again we have A LOT) and since they all have learned to tune in to his pitter patter he is in the kitchen so WAKE up from napping or we will miss out, the snack drawer would be empty the first trip LOL. You are so correct how they know exactly when to want some thing and mess up that train of thought which the older I seem to get the harder it becomes for my thought to get back on that train !

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