Morning Yoga Lower Body Series : Perfect for waking up your Lower Back!

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Hey there, my BOLD ones!  Today, I’m really excited about my debut as a yoga teacher. (insert laugh track)

I’ve been doing yoga for several years and am now in a can’t-miss-it-or-I’m-sunk-like-a-lead-bag-of-purple-ostrich-feathers daily routine.  I tried to find a tutorial online to link to, but NERP.  Couldn’t find one.

So, ergo, here I am, dressed down in my yoga pants that I wear 24/7/365. At least I do yoga, right?

Do you have morning back aches? This morning yoga lower body series is perfect for your wake up routine. It carefully stretches out your back and legs to help revitalize you first thing!


Before we begin, I do want to mention that I am not formally certified in yoga but have been studying yoga for many years.  Do be careful and remember to listen to your body. There is no “ouch” in yoga.  If you start to feel any pain, just back off.

I hope you enjoy this Lower Body Series and your back thanks you for it profusely.

I’m just about to go do this series right now!


In the video, I talk about my favorite supplies. I J’ADORE my Manduka Mat and Manduka strap, but my Yoga Jellies are VITAL!

If you want to know more about my favorite Yoga equipment, just check out this post.  I go into a lot of detail about what i use and why it’s the best.

Yoga is SO good for you on SO many levels.  It helps with stress and anxiety as well as physical flexibility and strength.  No matter what fitness activity you choose to do, adding in a bit of yoga will enhance it and center you in ways that nothing else can!

Are you a fan of yoga?  Tell me all about it in the comments below!



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