How to Detox During the Summer Without Getting Hungry (or Hangry as we like to call it!)

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Hey guys!  Are you thinking about doing a detox during the summer?  Strange idea, you say.

Actually, the summer is probably the best time to do a detox because there are no big holiday, ahem… Christmas cookies. #amiright?

Yes, there are some holidays, but it’s not like there is a month long party for the 4th of July or anything.  Plus, when it’s hot outside, your cravings change to light oriented fare anyway. That’s why I’m really enjoying my detox right now.

I just finished a 30 day juice/bone broth fast as a part of my healing from a serious bout of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.  I’ve done a 10 day juice fast, but it was so hard!  I was hungry all the time.  But adding in homemade bone broth has changed everything.  I mean it’s made the crazy, stressed-out, i’m-going-to-eat-the-cat-if-she-doesn’t-watch-out hunger pangs disappear.

Whew.  The cat is safe!

How to detox in the summer without getting hungry! Detox in the Summer? Yes! No holidays to mess you up, and no Christmas Cookies to drive you nuts! | Detxo | Summer Detox | Detox Ideas | Detox Recipes | Detox Tips | Weight Loss | Lose Weight | Healthy | Helathy Tips andTricks

How to Detox in the Summer without Getting Hungry

First, you need to define your goals for detoxing.

What is your goal for your summer detox?  Is it just simply cleaning out the pipes or do you want to lose weight or are you needing to heal some ailment?

  1. General detox– juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables.  Any kind of juice will do!  Go crazy.
  2. Weight loss-  Stick to green veggies.  Adding fruit in will give you a little boost in sugar, calories and carbs.  You can still lose weight juicing some fruit, but it will be a little slower.
  3. Healing detox – Same as weight loss.  Keep the sugar down if you are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue or Candida or Eczema or other illness you want to try to heal by diet.

Now, make a plan for your summer detox.

How long do you want to detox for?

  1. Short detox- 3 days – best for a boost in energy and overall health
  2. Medium detox – 5 to 10 days – good for small weight loss and added energy
  3. MEGA detox – 15-30 days – best for larger weight loss and healing illness

Now that you have a goal and a plan, what’s your daily detox going to look like?

Once you’ve decided what your goal is and how long you want to detox for, you’ll want to plan out your recipes and grocery list.

And always check with your doctor before you start a detox… especially if you want to do an extended one. 

Here’s my sample detox schedule:

Keep in mind, I’m juicing for healing, so if you are just juicing for general wellness, you can switch out green juice for a fruit juice or just add a bit of fruit to your green juice for caloric needs.

  • Wake up – 1 glass of green juice, 2-3 Garden of Life Probiotic Capsules for Women (Make sure to get them locally. They need to stay refrigerated.)
  • 10am – Large cup of Bone Broth and glass of water
  • 12pm – 1 glass of green juice
  • 2pm- large glass of water (can be coconut or add some lemon or lime to your water
  • 5pm -Large cup of Bone Broth and glass of water
  • 8pm – 1 glass of green juice

If you find that you are still hungry, feel free to drink more juice or more bone broth.  I find that the bone broth is very, very filling and I don’t get anywhere near as crazy hungry as when I just drink juice by itself.

Need some summer detox recipes?

Here are my go-to recipes for my summer detox:

What do do when you are done with your summer detox:

Once you’ve completed how ever many days you set as your goal, be gentle about adding foods back in.  Don’t just get done and run screaming to Five Guys and load up on the spicy fries.  Eat clean for a few days, fresh fruits and veggies, farm fresh eggs and stuff like that.

You might find after a longer detox that your body is really sensitive to some things.  I know that is true for me.  When I’m just juicing green veggies, I react to fruit.  It’s weird, so be careful and gentle with your body as you return to normal eating habits.

Results from my 30 Day Juice/Bone Broth Fast:

After doing this for 30 days, I’m really starting to feel remarkably better.  The weird whooshing feelings are lessoning greatly. I actually slept through the night last night for the first time in about a year.  That means my blood sugar is doing much better at night, which means my liver is functioning better, which means my body is responding!

I know I’ve lost some weight, but I’m not weighing right now.  I’m focusing on healing so I don’t want to stress about a number.  I can feel it happening and that’s enough. I’ll let you know when I do weigh.  It will be interesting.

So what the doctor wanted to give me Beta-blockers for, I’m healing on my own with just diet and nutrition.  Amazing isn’t it?

What about you?

So, are you ready for a Summer Detox?  Let me know down below what your goal is and how long you want to go for!





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  1. I want to put an end to depression & anxiety. Also, lose a few lbs., 10. I live alone, so no large amounts of an8 I need to buy. Anxious to try the detox. I hear it’to good for over all feel good & health.

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