3 Creative Storage Solutions, baby!

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An office with no storage just isn’t so  HOT, is it?  

… and having ZERO storage, what in the world is a Bold Girl to do?


What’s that saying?  Something about necessity breeding creativity?

Nothing breeds creativity like the need for storage, right?  Or am I the only one that is storage poor?

Here are my 3 Creative Storage Solutions that will work for virtually any room in you home…given you’re not living in an old shoe.

And they might even work then…



1. Use the walls…

The Bold Abode Office Right Side

By building these Gallery Shelves, I created useful space on this boring wall.

It allowed me to showcase our most used resource books, so they are easy to access and I didn’t have to clutter the room with ugly Office Depot pressed board bookcases…

Been there. Done that. Don’t want to go back!

To build you own, just check out Ana-White’s Ten Dollar Gallery Ledge.

2.  Add shelving to an existing closet.

See this closet?

Take a close look at the top shelf…

Inside the School Supply Closet

That is all there was when we moved in.

One shelf and a hanging rod…

Knowing this room was not going to be used as a place to lay anyone’s head allowed me to add much needed extra shelving!

It’s quintupled the storage in this room, and  I’ve never regretted it.  I just have to keep a check on it so the stuff doesn’t outgrow the space.

Don’t have a closet to add shelving?  This little 37 Supreme 3-Tier Shelving unit might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Why does clutter multiply?  Is it kin to the amoeba or something?

3. Update and use an old TV Cabinet.

The Bold Abode Office Back

Using Furniture as storage is vital at The Bold Abode.

Though our home was new when we moved in, the builder seemed to lack the understanding of the modern day family.

We have a lot of stuff.

Stuff that needs to hide away on most ordinary days.

So, this old TV armoire quickly became storage for my sewing junk.

Inside the Sewing Armoire

And this Mad Men Mod dresser…

Freecycle Dresser

It stores stationary, winter hats and gloves, blankets and more….

Just a quick update gave it some new life and it’s both functional and beautiful..

{Oh, and in the background of that image above, you’ll see a sideboard that is filled with games and what not….}

I’m tellin’ ya.  Furniture as storage is fantas-ma-listic!

So, do you have any creative ways to store your extra stuff?  Join the conversation in the comments and share your creative storage solutions!

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    1. Thanks, girl! I’m contemplating moving them into the family room cuz I want to do board and batten in there… I can’t see a way to do both… Maybe two above it?

      Not near ready to do that , but I like to dream.

    1. Thanks, girlie! I’m trying to think of more ways. I’ve already cut a hole up under the stairs… what’s next?

  1. I’m feeling particularly storage-challenged these days! I’m going to need to take a cue from you and get to work! And now that I see your sideboard off in the distance, I’ve got some more things that need skirting. 🙂

  2. Um, yes please! Gwen, you amaze me with your bright colors and practical imagination! Hubs recently turned our old bedroom TV armoire into his computer desk to clear out some room for (hopefully!) more foster kiddos. I can’t wait to show him your retro dresser. 🙂

    As for multiplying stuff, oh my, I am already planning a yard sale. And soon! Happy Thursday!

    1. Old TV Cabs are great for storage!

      Tools are also great… and lots of tools are super awesome, yo.

  3. Sadly my extra “stuff” gets stuffed in some random place with a smidgen of space. Then I can never find it when I need it.


  4. I love cabinets for storage – they house so much stuff and make it nearly invisible 🙂 Great ideas Gwen!

  5. the bold color is so gorgeous! i am definitely planning on adding some of those shelves to my kids’ walls!

  6. I love the dresser in your living room…I have one too and just those extra drawers have made all the difference. The shot of your pink, then green, then orange walls is spectacular!

  7. I, too, love your bold colors! Beautiful! I have lots of color on my “new” house! It’s actually 102 years old, but we just bought it last summer! Green in the living room, turquoise in the hallway (and laundry room, if I ever get to it), orange in my son’s room, and a soft purple in the master walk-through closet! There was already a green/gray in the kitchen, and I plan a gray for the dining room and small bathroom (I think)!

  8. I love furniture for storage too (we have a dresser in our dining room and kitchen – by the back door). lol! Thanks so much for sharing your creative ideas! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Roeshel! I can’t get enough of using furniture… I’m running out of room!!! Ha!

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