Hello Bathroom Drawer Cabinet!

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I wonder…

If everything has a place, why is the place always my bathroom counter?

DIY | Bathroom | Organization | Not enough storage in your bathroom?  Make your own DIY Bathroom Cabinet from a Vintage Drawer.


Maybe, it’s a pipe dream to think I can be organized.

But among my many pipe dreams, I do have actual dreams…

Fantastic dreams {in color, of course} that include recessed medicine cabinets in this room.


Yikers.  Clu-tah, baby!


It gets married and has little clutter babies that make good friends with the dust bunnies and then… woah.

Well, I’m not getting those cabinets any time in the remotely near future…

But, I realized, maybe I could fake it.  I’m super awesome at that, yo.

Enter the $1 drawer from the ReStore.

drawer before


Cleaned her up a tad…

Sanded drawer


Gave her a coat of paint…

painted drawer

Cut some scrap 1×4’s to size for shelving and nailed those babies in with 2″ nails.

nailing shelves


Then, I blessed my own soul for saving the scraps from my Stairway to Heaven…

I had to piece them together for the lower shelf, but it all worked out.




Get outta town, right?



Well… installation was.. um, tricky.

This was my first idea.

UH.  Nopes. Looks like Gordon Ramsey’s dog’s dinner…



The problem was that I needed a stud.  And the studs were not conveniently located in the center of the mirror, dern them.

Leftover Pallet wood from the Pallet Porch Swing came to the rescue and after a couple of tries, I was able to create a relatively stable hanging mechanism for my little cabinet.




The hemp had to under the board to keep the cabinet from leaning out profusely.

Works for me… {that and a little hot-glue at the bottom to keep it from swaying.. }


It’s the perfect place to store all those little clutter-creating bathroom items…

You know.  The ones that refuse to get in line and stay organized?

Shame for shame on them.



Well, now I’ve opened a can of you know what on them and they WILL mind me.



But if they are anything like my youngest guy, the minute I turn my back.

{Good thing I have those eyes on the back of my head, yo.}


Do you have those much coveted recessed medicine cabinets?

Then, I’m totes jellie, baby!

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  1. I love this project, sooooo cute and I love that it was so inexpensive (cause I’m cheap like that!) And hello? grapefruit toothpaste? I’m on board, off to check it out and get that coupon (cause again, I’m cheap!)

    1. Thanks, girlie!

      It wasn’t easy trying to figure out how to hang it… second attempt went much better, I’ll say!

  2. What a GREAT idea…love it! I love how you used the leftover wallpaper – brilliant ! Way to go G!

      1. Hey Gwen! Hangin’ in there! ๐Ÿ™‚ Big year, loads of change, but doing ok! How are you?? Was remembering my virtual road trip from last summer… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sooooo cute! I would have never thought to get crafty and hang a cabinet over the mirror. Genius I tell you!

  4. Well! If you aren’t the most clever, craftiest, cutie in the country I don’t know who is! Brilliant in the most English meaning of the word! ‘Scuse me…..I’m going shopping for drawers. And not the kind you wear!

    1. Ha! Well… I don’t know about that, but THANK YOU!

      I love vintage drawers… but not the kind you wear!!! hahahaha!

  5. I love this idea! I need to do that on the wall in my daughters bathroom. She has no storage space in her bathroom!! thanks for the idea!

  6. the way you hung that drawer was genius! It does the job and looks so intentional and artsy. Your wallpaper projects have made me seriously consider where I can add some wallpaper in my house. I wish I had stairs! I would even live in a creepy Winchester house with stairs that led to nowhere if it meant that I could wallpaper the risers!

    Those “Hello” products look fun. They’ve been haunting me on the endcaps at Target for a couple of weeks now, I think I need to pick them up. I *just* printed the coupon, so there’s no way one is not going to find it’s way into my purse for the cuteness factor alone!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenny! The wallpaper is seriously amazing. I’m trying to think of other uses as well… I wish I had another set of stairs, ha!

  7. One of the best things I have seen in a while…{Jen runs off to her local ReStore in search of a drawer}….

  8. Love it! I always hate that huge expanse of semi-worthless mirror staring back at me in both of my full bathrooms. It’s like the thing is mocking my lack of adequate storage. Just FYI, I’m totally going to steal this idea, lol…but if I blog about it I promise to link to my inspiration! Again, Love It!

    1. I know, right? Steal away, girl! And if you do, send me the link so I can see your awesomeness!!!

  9. Umm, can I just say how genius this drawer to cabinet makeover is! Just a great idea and it looks amazing! Love the paint color and scrap paper.

    Katie @thecasualcraftlete.com

  10. Such a fabulous idea! I have seen drawers for shelves before, but on the mirror? Fun! And, you save room on your walls for artwork and such. ๐Ÿ™‚ … so how did you attach the hemp to the back of the drawer?

    1. Thank you so much, Shelly!

      I just set some screws and left them sticking out a bit. Then I secured the hemp tightly. Easy-peasy!

  11. That really is a great idea. I have two of them builder mirrors just aching for a little something. I know you already have holes done for hanging this bad boy, and it looks fantastic, but could you have used those 3M Velcro hangers and stuck it right to the mirror? I’m over here from Roadside Rescue, so I’m off to go and have a tour of the rest of your place….


    1. Thank you so much, Debora! I did think about using something like the velcro hangers, but had concerns about it being secure enough.

      But I say go for it! You never know until you test it out!

  12. Usually I do not learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do it!
    Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks,
    quite great post.

  13. Darned cute idea. Love the color choices, you’re a very talented gal. Thanks for sharing

  14. I love this and all the projects on your blog! What color paint did you use? Is it Rain from SW?

  15. i would be way too lazy to rig up that hanging thingy. I would just set it on the counter, and it would look just fine that way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Well, that’s where it is now, Nanci! Just sitting on the counter and It’s totally fine! Thanks for stopping by!

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