DIY Sunburst Console with the New Americana Chalky Finish Paint

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Thank you to DecoArt for partnering with me on this project!

Here she is…

The one of two projects that didn’t make the blog. {so there might be a few more than two, but I’m not tellin’ all, yo}

This was one of those what-was-i-thinking-i-must-have-been-smoking-cilantro kinda projects.

I mean, the diamonds were meh, but the stained edge and those handles?

chalky paint sunburst console


Seriously. Forgive me. Mea Culpa.

And I promise never to make something so UGGLES again.

chalky paint sunburst console-2

Until I do.  dun-dun-dunnnnn….

But enter the console-gone-wrong savior called Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint!

chalky paint sunburst console-10


The new Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint is now available in Home Depot and Michaels stores. It is also available for purchase online at

Visit the DecoArt Chalky Finish website for more information.

The paint said you didn’t have to sand first, so I with my bold self tested it out.

First, I gave the entire console a coat of Everlasting.

chalky paint sunburst console-3


It went on like a kitty-kat wearing a Velvet Elvis lounge suit…

chalky paint sunburst console-11


But alas, just a coat of white get no one closer to a bolder life..

This proj called for some sunshine.  Sunshine of the burst kind.
chalky paint sunburst console-4


I labeled what colors I wanted to use where, alternating the Everlasting with Yesterday and Relic.

chalky paint sunburst console-5


I taped off one section at a time. More than that was beyond my genius…

chalky paint sunburst console-6


Then I used my tip for painting perfect wall stripes {because stripes are stripes on any zebra…or wood surface}

But ALAS!!!  I did have some minor chipping when I pulled up the tape.

User error? The Magic 8 Ball said

Signs Point to Yes

chalky paint sunburst console-7


But regardless, my sage-mediate-in-a-quiet-cave-of-solace advice is to sand before you paint.

Just in case, yo.
chalky paint sunburst console-16


But I salvaged the issue by lightly sanding and distressing and popping a big, seductive gold dot over the mocking paint chippiness.

chalky paint sunburst console-12

For the bedazzling, I used some liquid gold foil.

Totally took this “nice” makeover to a sensational new level, imho.

chalky paint sunburst console-15

Thinking about hot-glueing this sparkly polka dot over that painted one, but I’m still in the “thinking” stage on that one.

chalky paint sunburst console-13

So, thank you my bff DecoArt for aiding this damsel in distress.

chalky paint sunburst console-8


My office thanks you, too.

It was illin’ but now it’s thrillin’ with this DIY Sunburst Console.

Learn how to take a SUPER UGG console and create a gorgous sunburst that will totally brighten any room!

For more chalky finish project ideas you can visit DecoArt and get yur fill of chalky-chalk inpiration.

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  1. Holy cow is that ever beautiful. I love how you offset the burst. I even love the names of the paint colors! Well done!

  2. What a beautiful piece, I absolutely love that sunburst! Btw, mental images of you smoking cilantro totally cracked me up. 😀

  3. Hi there! Love the re-do! I am embarrassed to ask, what is everlasting?

    As for my/our worst DIY, it is as recent as this past weekend…Two years ago my hubby bought me this great kitchen table off of CL to replace the small one we have. My stipulation was it had to be a minimum of 42 inches wide so we would stop hitting our head on my cool rooster hanging lamp…

    Anyway, he finally got it all sanded down and ready for new stain. We tried 5 different shades on the underneath of the table and finally found one that matched our spice maple cabinets pretty closely. Let’s just say the bottom of the wood must not be the same as the top of the table and the legs because now I have a lovely (not) red stained table. He told me to relist it…I am debating between painting it either white or black and need to decide asap because we are having a large dinner here this Sunday and we’re tired of everyone cramming around our small table while hanging out before splitting the group into two for the main meal with some people sitting in the DR and the rest in the Kitchen. Votes for black or white?

    1. Hey girl!

      Everlasting is the name of the paint color… I probably should explain that!

      Oh, I hate that about the stain! What a pain in the bee-hind… I’m totally into black right now. But white is good, too..haha!

  4. Love the NEW look….what a perfect idea to offset the starburst. I love how this turned out friend!!

  5. I don’t hate the first version! But I LOVE the re-do!!! It’s awesome now! (re: your email – we have a defense lawyer in our town who is known to take all of the slummy cases – and he’s bald and red faced – so I’ve always called him the hairless rat. Your little table is in no way comparable!!! LOL) Julia

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