M&M Marshmallow Treats for my Peeps

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How to make these super-cute Marshmallow treats for you very own walking trash compactors! {Mine LOVED them!}If the zombie apocalypse came next Saturday, and I was the lone, bad-a$$ survivor and hacked my way through the throngs of limping, blood-stained masses of living flesh with the sole intent on making it to the corner CVS and alllll they had left was Easter Candy..

I’d pray they had some Marshmallow Peeps… the pink kind, cuz they’re the boldest.

But my favorite Peeps in the non-Zombie Apocalypse categegory are these two mirror-different, trash compactors named Morgan and Brendan.


Morgan and Brendan
Aren’t they the cutest? But you have to add 5 years and a few inches…errr, feet… to both otf them…


They rock my world.

And this week, I had this inner burning desire to show them just how much they stop my heart.

The best way I know how to do that {other than smother them with slobbery, lipstick-markings} is to load them up with bite-sized bits of goodness that will spike their blood-sugar hard and good.

This time, I made some M&M Marshmallows.

Simple.  But prepare to have some time on your hands to make these.  Stay lasar focused, and you’ll be fine.

Step 1


Start with some mini-marshmallows.  I’m using the flavorful/colorful ones.

Shocker, huh?

Just line them up allll over your serving tray. Trust me, you don’t want to have to move them anywhere else.

M&M Marshmallows-2


Step 2

Melt some chocolate in the micro or the stove and pipe little dots on top of each mini sugar puff.

Do a section of 10 or so at a time.

M&M Marshmallows-3

Step 3


Plop a chocolate sugar disc on top of each deliciously chocolatey, chocoatle dab.

M&M Marshmallows-4


Repeat the process until all the marshmallows are sporting their little M&M top hats.

M&M Marshmallows-5


They make me want to fling open the windows and let the Spring breeze blow my silver-streaked hair.

{But I can just go outside and let that dream come true right now.. windy over here at the moment.}

My Peeps loved their M&M Marshmallow treats.  They gobbled them up faster than a cheetah being chased by a Wooly Bear on Steroids.

So…. what Easter treat would have you hacking through mindless masses of the walking dead? Do tell!

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