The Easiest Way to Frame a Canvas

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Hi guys!

Today, I’m back with the EASIEST way to frame a canvas… did you see my Pixel Wall Art yesterday?  What did you think?

I showed it to you in it’s full glory, but now we have to frame it.

The EASIEST way to frame a Canvas! No miters or crazy instructions... just a straightforward, simple way to frame your DIY Art!

I thought about trying to make a more complicated frame, but it’s so cold outside and that’s where my power tools are… in the freezing garage!

I still had to go out there to make the cuts, but it’s just so much quicker and easier to frame it with this box frame method…which I shall show you now, my BOLD ones.

What you need:

  • 2 8ft 1×3’s – I used the premium pine boards from the home store
  • Brad nails – I used my Ryobi Airstrike Cordless Brad Nailer <= Amazon affiliate link for easy online ordering!

First, measure the short sides of your canvas.

diy pixel art-28

diy pixel art-29

Then make your cuts:

diy pixel art-30

I used my Ryobi Miter Saw.  This thing has made my DIY life so much better.  It’s like I was walking 20 miles to work everyday, and I was suddenly given a Ferrari.

Lay the canvas face down on a flat surface. This will make it so the canvas is flush with the front of the frame.  If you want it set back just a bit, grab some scrap wood and place it on all four sides of your canvas so it’s level.

Then take your brad nailer {or your hammer and brad nails} and nail your board directly into the canvas stretcher.

diy pixel art-31

Then, measure the long sides, being sure to include the extra width from your frame on the short sides.

diy pixel art-32

Make your cuts and nail those boards into the canvas stretcher and the ends of the other boards.

diy pixel art-33

And that’s it!  I did go around and add secure it with more brad nails to make sure it was sturdy.  I didn’t even stain or seal the wood. Maybe in time, I’ll regret that, but I just wanted that very natural look to go with my DIY Color Cord Pendant Light and Bulletin Board.

That and I was overly excited about hanging my DIY Pixel Art!  Who has time to let the stain dry?

Not me.  For now.

What do you think?  The easiest way to frame a DIY Canvas Wall Art, isn’t it?

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you how I hung it safely over the board and batten.  It’s easier than you  might think.

Before you bounce, check out my other DIYs.


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  1. Great idea! As long as you don’t have moisture issues where the painting is hung I doubt the plain wood will be a problem, but you could always take a small brush and layer some clear polyurethane on it if need be. I have a few canvas paintings I’ve thought would be much better if I put them in some sort of frame but couldn’t come up with an easy (and cheap!) solution. Thanks for this!

  2. So pretty!!! I’d love for you to share your post with us at the Motivational Monday link party with us!

    Have a great week!


  3. So, can I bring all my wood projects to your house for you to help me with? 🙂 I love this!!! Love you too, friend!!

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