Magnetic Chalkboard Clipboards, baby!

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I’ve had these press-board clipboards for-ev-ah…

Paint the Clipboard

And after looking at them day after day after day after day, I FINALLY realized something.

I realized that they were U.G.L.Y.  You know… the kind of ugly that ain’t got no alibi?

And once I realized that they were ugly?  I had another revelation.

I realized I could paint them.

Wow.  What a flash of brilliance, right?

So to make these super-coolio Magnetic Chalkboard Clipboard, you need:

Magnetic Chalkboard Clipboard


1 1/2 ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
DecoArt Chalkboard Paint
Adhesive Backed Magnet
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Supplies for the Chalkboard Clipboard

Paint your clipboard.

Don't need to tape off the clip

I realized it scraped off like a dream, so I didn’t tape this one.

Yay for short cuts, yo.

Ummm… you don’t have to use Chalk Paint for this.  Acrylic Craft paint would be more than adequate.

{don’t have a clue why I used my Chalk Paint… }

Painted Clipboard

After your paint is dry, tape off three strips of tape at the bottom.

Peel off the middle strip and paint between the tape.  This saves some serious time and sanity cuz you don’t have to measure… just tape it baby!

Tape off three stripsRemove middle tape layerPaint 2 coats of Chalk Paint

So pretty.

Remove the tape

Double that…

And then, stick a strong magnet on the back.

Two Chalkboard Clipboards

I’m getting more careful in my old age.  I even gridded out the text for the clipboards.

Looks EXACTLY like my pencil numbers, right?  woka. woka woka.

writing on the clipboard

I’m using these clipboards for important phone numbers and our weekly menus…

So I created this fun little printable in Adobe Illustrator.  If you are an email subscriber, I sent out an email last night with the link!

If you are not, just take a sec and subscribe to download this FREE printable.  From this point out, all my printables will be available only to my email subscribers… so sign up, yo.

Or, if you’d rather, you can purchase it in my shop! 

Free Printable for Email Subscriberslets eat printableNumbers Printable

Now, I don’t have those ugly pressboard clipboards anymore.

Numbers Clipboard

Do you think Dr. Suess would be proud?

Menu Clipboard

Well… I’m happy, anyway.

Clipboards on the fridge

Fun and functional. Project Inspired,  Stone Gable, The Frugal Girls,  Serenity Now, Thrifty Decor Chick

That’s a winner, right?

P.S. Happy Birthday, my sweet, curly-headed, Radio-Disney lovin’, look-me-in-the-eye, fourteen year old, drop of heaven. I adored you before I ever saw your face or knew your name. May life be kind and generous with you all the days of your life.

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  1. I have some of those too and last summer I found this really oversized one so brought that home to sit in the garage as well. Maybe this summer I’ll be on a quest to make something out of all the stuff I have hauled home.


  2. Cute! What? No Taco Bell on the menu?
    Happy Birthday to your 14 yr old drop of heaven. 🙂

  3. Love these. And you’re “ugly.. the kind that aint got no alibi” had me seriously laughing. I love that you included that in there.

  4. They look so awesome! I don’t mind them all plain and brown but these look way more fancy and you can personalize them —-hmmm! Giving me an idea for the kiddos homework. Thank you!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Gwen at Project Inspired @ Setting for Four. I pinned your amazing clipboards to our group linky pinboard!
    I hope you are having a fantastic Easter, and can join me Monday evening 8 pm EST for Project Inspired #8! 😀

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